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5 Telltale Signs That You’re a Hagwon Teacher

Through all of the stages of our lives, there are little clues (to others, to ourselves) that tell of that particular stage, and often only become funny when we’re no longer in it and can objectively look back on it, or recognize the clues in others. When I was a teenager, the clue to my teenage-dom:

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University teaching jobs in Korea

University Jobs: Working As A Professor In South Korea

A university job is considered ‘the ultimate’ vocation when it comes to teaching English in Korea. It’s the most coveted and highly sought after position. Teaching English at a university is more laid back. It comes with less working hours per week and more vacation time than a public or Private school job. Kind Of

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Making Sense of Your Time as a Teacher In Korea

While there are a good few native English teachers in Korea that have always planned to become a teacher, the dream – for most of us – when we were growing up, was rarely to be quite what we are now; teachers without (often) being fully recognized as teachers, in jobs which may or may not be

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