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Coming To Korea: What Not To Expect

Everyday you hear people say things like: ‘I got a great job offer and I’m considering moving to Korea for a year’,’Im fresh out of college and looking to travel and broaden my horizons, ‘I want to seek adventure in a new world’ and so on. Every year thousands of foreigners arrive in Korea. Many

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Why You Should Live Outside Of Seoul

If you’re looking into coming to Korea as an English teacher, you are faced with two options: living in or outside of Seoul. While the reasons to choose living in the capital are too many to count, here are five to live in the  Korean countryside. Less Pollution Imagine waking up in the morning and not having

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Master The Korean Subway System

Ever gotten lost on the Korean subway? The panic and dread you feel once you’ve transferred and took the train in the wrong direction is a feeling every foreigner is familiar with. Follow the advice below and master the Korean subway system in minutes! Apps There are a number of apps to guide you through

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