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Food – How To Eat Healthy While In Korea

Korean food comes in many shapes and sizes and they’re all delicious. For those of us that are either health conscious or calorie-tracking individuals here is some nutritional information on Korean food. Eating healthy in Korea should be easy, since their beloved Korean BBQ is served without any carb-heavy sides. While in the west you

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Differences In Work Ethics Between Korea And The West

Working in Korea is a very different experience than what you maybe used to in your home country. It is very important to understand and mindful of these differences. The lack of understanding can lead to disagreements and misunderstandings. Usually, these disputes occur due to differences in culture, language and work habits. These arguments are

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Stores in Korea – Where To Find What

When coming to Korea you have to figure out which stores you have to go for what. Following is a list of stores you can fin in the United states and their equivalent in South Korea. Let’s get ready to shop! Fast food! Who are we kidding? McDonald’s is still McDonald’s… They even come with

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