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Public School vs Hagwon: a True Tale

The very first question anyone considering coming to Korea to teach (aside from, you know, “am I willing to move halfway across the world?”) is this: public school or hagwon? The debate has been exhausted on the internet, as a quick Google search will tell you. Type in any variation of the question and you’ll

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Teaching Languages Other Than English In Korea

South Korea is perhaps ‘THE’ most popular country to teach English among expats. Teaching English in Korea has many benefits. The money is good, life in Korea can be very comfortable and full of adventures, plus it provides opportunities to travel around Korea and Southeast Asia cheaply. Sounds too good to be true…..Well, here’s the

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Labor Dispute Legal Aid Options in Korea

If you are lucky, living and working in Korea can be a beautiful and rewarding experience, viable for the long-term, even. If you are lucky, and meticulous in your choice of workplace, teaching can be fulfilling and relatively easy. If, for some or other reason, you find yourself in a hostile work-environment, with an employer

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