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What Teaching Has Taught Me

When I took the plunge and hauled myself, via flights of various durations and one hellish layover, to Korea, I thought I was coming to teach. Teach I certainly do, but I no longer believe that “teacher” is my main capacity in Korea. No, from the moment I wake up, to the moment I exhaustedly

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Education Related Jobs In Korea: Teachers Manager/Trainer

South Korea has put itself on the map as one of ‘the’ best destination for teaching English. However, it does have more to offer than just that. English teaching is a highly profitable and sought after business in Korea. Consequently, the education industry is huge. As a result, along with the regular teaching jobs, it

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A Day in The Life of a Hagwon Teacher

I was scared to death of hagwons before coming to Korea. Freshly-graduated, having never been anything but a waitress where jobs were concerned, I never even considered applying to one of those scary places for which there exist blacklists. No way Jose, I intended to stick to what was safe, and apply to the government

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