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A Day in The Life of a Hagwon Teacher

I was scared to death of hagwons before coming to Korea. Freshly-graduated, having never been anything but a waitress where jobs were concerned, I never even considered applying to one of those scary places for which there exist blacklists. No way Jose, I intended to stick to what was safe, and apply to the government

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Sound Recordist/Voice over Jobs In Korea

Most of us, who have taught English or are teaching English in Korea, are used to the anonymous voice over that can be heard everywhere. You can find this faceless, slightly cheesy voice in various English teaching cd’s and even on the television. This tireless voice is forever trying to excite kids about studying English.

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Online Translation Service Concept

Translation in the ESL classroom: a blessing or a curse?

What most people wanted to know, before I came to Korea to teach English, was exactly how I was going to teach kids whose language I knew not a bit of anything, never mind another language. I scoffed at the question, babbling about how language acquisition was an interesting thing and that they would be surprised at

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