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H-1 Visa : Working Holiday

This visa is for individuals who wish to study, travel or explore the visiting country while working temporarily to support their trip. Eligibility You are are eligible to apply for a H-1 visa if you are the citizen of a country that has signed a working holiday agreement with the Republic of Korea. As of

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Teaching Without Technology: Keeping it Real

In the era of instant ideas via the internet, and, consequently, no-brainer lesson planning, being an ESL teacher has never been easier. Keeping it real has never been harder. The smorgasbord of ready-made lesson plans, powerpoints, and games available to us at (for the most part) no cost at all, and with the literal click of

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D-7 Visa: Intra-Company Transferee

D-7 visa is for you, if you are a foreign employee of a branch or liaison office of a foreign parent company who is being transferred to Korea by the foreign parent company. Eligibility You are eligible for a D-7 visa if: you have worked at the headquarters office, branch office or local office of

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