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How to Get a Job at a Startup and What to Expect

Two weeks after my college graduation, I was on a plane to Seoul to work for a start up as a marketing manager. I been at my current company for nearly three years and am constantly asked how on earth I found this job. Partially, it was luck, but now that I know where to find start up jobs

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working as a pastor/missionary Korea

Working As A Religious Worker In Korea

The other day on my way to work, while waiting at a red light, I noticed two Mormon missionaries walking on the sidewalk. Looking at them I wondered what it must be like for religious workers to live and work in Korea? What kind of job opportunities are available to them? Surprisingly there isn’t a

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working part-time in korea

Working Part-time In Korea

For individuals that do not have the option to work full time due to personal or legal restrictions, Korea does offer a bunch of part-time jobs. Kind Of Part-time Jobs Available Depending on your visa type (and in some cases nationality for example: working as a part time ESL teacher) there are a variety of

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