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working as a legal expert in Korea

Working As A Legal Expert/Consultant In Korea

With Korea opening its door to international market, the demand for specialized legal expertise continues to grow. Exports account for more than 50% of South Korea’s economy. Consequently, more and more companies are looking for English speaking legal consultants to provide a range of legal services. In the past, Korea prohibited foreign lawyers and firms from working

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working as a chef!

Working As A Chef/ Cook In Korea

Due to the impact of globalization, the number of foreigners in Korea is on the rise. And so is the love of non-Korean food. International cuisine is gaining popularity in Korea. Younger generation Koreans have a very diverse palate and are willing to try foods from different countries. Foreigners who have the proper qualifications, skills and experience

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4 Customs to Prepare for When Working in Korea

My coworkers have very quickly become my family here in Korea, and I thank them a lot for it.  Because of our relationships we often hang out on the weekends, have board game parties at each others’ houses, and celebrate birthdays.  Fun stuff aside, I was intrigued by how much coworkers are a part of

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