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D-6 Visa (Religious Works)

This visa is for individuals who wish to engage in religious activities or social services in Korea. Eligibility You are eligible to apply for a D-6 Religious Worker visa if : – you are dispatched to the related Korean religious organization or branch by the foreign religious body or social welfare organization. – you intend

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Connecting with Co-workers Without Compromising Yourself

One of the things foreigners are bombarded with when preparing to make the move to Korea – even more than the bombarding nature of apostilles and background checks – is information on how to behave properly in their new work environments. The information – via blogs, courses, and even recruiters – is multitudinous and intimidating:

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D-5 Visa (Long-Term News Coverage)

This visa is for individuals who wish to stay in Korea for more than 90 days for news reporting and coverage. Eligibility You are eligible to apply for a D-5 visa if: -You are a journalist dispatched to Korea for news reporting and coverage from a foreign media outlet (newspapers, broadcasting corporations, magazines or other

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