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The 5 Disruptive ESL Students and How to Deal with Them

Where there is teaching happening, chances are that there are disruptive students nearby; students that embody bombs in your classroom, destroying your carefully planned lessons.Though disruptive students are certainly not an ESL classroom specialty, the Korean education system (and the immense pressures inherent in it) has produced a large amount of students who are overworked

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D-8 Visa: Corporate/ Foreign Investor

The D-8 visa is for individuals who wish to start up small businesses in Korea. The D-8 visa is also for foreign appointed managers of local companies, executives, senior managers or employees with specialist skills. Eligibility You are eligible to apply for D-8 visa if: 1. You are working at a Foreign Investment company 2.

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G-1: Miscellaneous Visa

This visa is for individuals who do not qualify for a Diplomat (A-1) to a Marriage Migrant (F-6), Working Holiday (H-1) or Work and Visit (H-2) status. The G-1 visa is subdivided into various categories. For example: medical treatment due to industrial accidents and the family member (G-1-1), undergoing medical treatments as a result of

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