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Teaching Without Technology: Keeping it Real

In the era of instant ideas via the internet, and, consequently, no-brainer lesson planning, being an ESL teacher has never been easier. Keeping it real has never been harder. The smorgasbord of ready-made lesson plans, powerpoints, and games available to us at (for the most part) no cost at all, and with the literal click of

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D-7 Visa: Intra-Company Transferee

D-7 visa is for you, if you are a foreign employee of a branch or liaison office of a foreign parent company who is being transferred to Korea by the foreign parent company. Eligibility You are eligible for a D-7 visa if: you have worked at the headquarters office, branch office or local office of

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D-6 Visa (Religious Works)

This visa is for individuals who wish to engage in religious activities or social services in Korea. Eligibility You are eligible to apply for a D-6 Religious Worker visa if : – you are dispatched to the related Korean religious organization or branch by the foreign religious body or social welfare organization. – you intend

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