We are currently hiring a native teacher who can start to teach from March 1st. This is a private elementary school in Jongro-gu, Seoul.

1. Minimum Qualifications
         1) Preferred B.A. in Education or English with a 120+hour TESOL/TEFL certification or a U.S.State Teacher’s Certification or Canadian Provincial Teacher’s Certification.

2) Must currently teach and live in Seoul, Korea with minimum of two years experience and have your own living accommodations.

3) Current E-2 working Visa

4) Original degree (Notarized and verified by the Korean Consulate)

5) Sealed transcript

6) Criminal Back ground Check (FBI/RCMP) with Apostille seal.

2. Working Conditions
1) Working hours : 8:30 a.m ~ 4:30 p.m( Within 22hours in a week)

2) Salary: (Electronically wired the 25th of every month) 2.3 million KRW – B.A. in Education or English with TESOL/TEFL120+hours certification.

3) Housing: 500,000 KRW per month

4) Benefits
(1) National Medical Insurance 50/50split

(2) National Pension – Contribution 50/50split

(3) National Holidays – All Korean national holidays will be paid with time off.

(4) Airfare – After the completion of the employment contract a one-way ticket to the Employee’s foreign residence will be provided.(In case of the termination of this Contract within six(6) months, Employee shall be not paid the visa airfare.)

(5) Severance Pay – A payment equal to one month’s salary will be paid for the successful contract completion, or on a per year basis.

3. Starting date : February 11th (Observation class)
Term of employment : 2019. March. 1st ~ 2020. February. 29th

Contacts: Eleena (E-mail: bitnalhee0704@gmail.com, ☎010-3262-1674)
Interview and mini-lesson: January 30th ~ (Individual notice will be given)

If you meet the minimum requirements and your paperwork is ready to go, then reply with a briefly written email which includes your name, nationality, birth date, the amount of years teaching in Korea, contact references (name and telephone number), your telephone number, housing situation and preference, and attach any Word document or a scanned copy of the items listed below.

1. Diploma with Apostille seal
2. Criminal Background Check with Apostilleseal


1. 최소한의 자격요건

1)  캐나다, 미국, 영국, 아일랜드, 호주, 뉴질랜드, 남아프리카공화국 등 영어를 공용어로 하는국가의학사학위이상또는동등자격소지자우대
2)  2년 이상 교육 경력이 있고, 현재 서울에서 거주하며 가르치고 있는 자
3)  현재 E-2 비자가 있는 경우
4)  학위증명서
5)  본국에서 온 미개봉 된 성적증명서
6)  범죄경력사실 유무 기록

2. 근무조건
1) 근무시간: 08:30~16:30 (주당 22시간 이내) 2) 급여: 한화 2,300,000원
3) 하우징: 월 500,000원
4) 혜택

(1) 의료보험 50%
(2) 국민연금 50%
(3) 공휴일(유급)
(4) 항공료 지급 (계약만료 시, 6개월 이전 사직은 지급 안 됨) (5) 퇴직금 2,300,000원 (계약만료 시)

3. 시작일: 2월 11일 수업참관
계약시작: 2019년 3월 1일 ~ 2020년 2월 29일
지원연락 : 이희경 (E-mail: bitnalhee0704@gmail.com, ☎010-3262-1674) 인터뷰시간: 1월 30일부터 개별연락

만약 최소한의 자격조건이 갖추어 진 경우, 이메일에 이름, 국적, 생년월일, 한국에서 가 르친 경험, 연락처(전화번호), 거주지를 이메일에 적고 다음과 같은 서류를 스캔하여 첨부하 시기 바랍니다.
1. 아포스티유 학위

2. 범죄경력사실유무기록


2019. 1. 10.

Sang Myung University Elementary School Principal