We currentry looking for Part,Half,Special,Full time teachers

# Job Opportunity

location : Seoul,Bundang,Ilsan,Incheon,Suwon,Gwangju area

date: Mon-Friday(10-12pm)/1-4pm.class.
pay: per35,000won/experence teaching teachers.

visa type: E2,F4,F5,F6

* Iocation: Bundang area

date: Mon,Wed 12-2pm/per35,000won.


* location: Oido st area

date: Mon,Wed,Friday 12-2pm /per35,000won.


* location: Pyeungnaehopyeung st

date: Mon,Tue,Thu 2.30-3.15pm./per35,000won.


* location: Jungge  st area(Half time)

date: Mon-Friday/ 11-4.30pm./part time.


* location:Gangnam st area(Korean-American)
date: 10-4pm(per week three-school)/per30,000won.


**Full time position **

1.Class infomtaion: Mon-Friday 10-6pm/2-6pm/2-8pm(teaching 30hours)

2.option: housing or housing allwance.

after 1 year bonus,10days paid vacation.

round ticket airfare,health insurance.

salary 2,1-2,5million.


** Company,Private,Part time position**

location: Seoul,bundang area/Group,tutuering/pay per35,000won.
Level:Basic Kindergadn-Audlts speaking.


If you are interested in this,please send me your resume,recnt photo,eactly available date,time.please.

and please refer to what position you apply for.


E-mail: godshand67@gmail.com./ Kakao talk: blessing1221


Warm regards

Manager: Anna 010-3153-3897