Kid’s Cafe in Korea: Best for Toddlers


During my time as an English Nanny with litte Korean toddlers last winter, I saw different facilities around the metro area and nearby places like Incheon that helps parents when their children have a desire to play. Unlike the usual amusement parks, like Lotte World or Everland, which are hugh and a very high number of visitors can be very dangerous for 2 to 6 year olds. The newest ones nowadays are what they call Kid’s Cafes. What are these Kid’s Cafés? Basically, it’s a place where parents can bring in their young ones for an hour of play while they can relax, drink their favorite Americano, talk with other mothers or if they are in need of some time alone, leave their children. These cafés vary but can be found in almost any city, malls (Emart and Homeplus).

These cafes can have different facilities, like trampolines where Kids play non-stop, playgrounds that ranges from small ones to big ones, rides, and a lot of toys where they can play with other kids. Most of the kid’s cafes that I was able to tag along with my little ones came equipped with a karaoke room, sand box areas, and even a crafts and arts area. Some cafes even offer salon services, a little zoo and other activities that surely any parent’s kid would totally enjoy. For ages 3-5, the facilities can be considered safe as rubber pads and non-toxic toys are the norm. For some mothers who also carry their younger ones around who are no older than a few months, you have baby toys, baby diaper changing areas, and other facilities for babies can also be found. Also some places are also part restaurant, that is why Kids can eat and parents or any company can spend their time eating while their kids play.

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Another good facility that can be found near Kid’s café, which is sometimes just across from it, are Lego rooms, where some older kids or some toddlers can rent a box of Lego for an hour and enjoy playing with it. Applicable for kids who are not too sociable or loves build spaceships or huge buildings, this is a good one to try. However, the Kid’s cafes are still the best as they start the socialization stage with their own age group. It enhances their adaptability and ease among a large crowd, especially to those of the same age. Also, it helps them make friends, as mostly some kids nowadays are in need of lessons on camaraderie and basic manners.5-32-387x211
Mostly the little babies I take care goes to these Kid’s café whenever they ask their mother to play more. During winter, the cold weather makes it hard for little kids to play outside a playground that is why this indoor Kid’s café is much more advisable.

Prices range from 10,000 won for 3 hours in small Kid’s cafes and an additional 1000 won or 5000 won charge for the Kid’s companion. For expensive ones, they would sometimes cost 15,000 to 20,000 won inclusive of the facilities the Kid’s café has. The Lego rooms cost 6000 – 8000 won an hour and all varieties of Legos can be used. Food is paid for differently and can be ordered inside.Also some cafés list down all the snacks, ice cream or drink, a Kid would get and can be paid when finished.
The good thing about these kid’s cafés are that they have trusted staffs that you know can watch over kids when they play. Big ones would sometimes have around 10 staff workers that look over kids and would play with them. Some are even nice to tag alonf and help a Kid when he or she would like to poo or pee. However some cafés though have some negligible staffs (they would hire middle-school aged part timer sometimes) that wouldn’t really look over some kids. Almost all Kid’s café can be a good place to try for those expatriates who have a young kid.

So why not try bringing your little one to one of these, and let her or him enjoy the Kid’s café you can only see in Korea.

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