One Fine Sunday at Han’s Deli

Two weeks ago, I was invited by my Japanese friends to go out for lunch in the seemingly, desolated town of Nonsan here in South Korea. We took the bus from our university and arrived there at around 1pm. It was rather inconvenient but anyway, the long trip made me appreciate the Autumn trees while looking into the windowpane.

First, we wanted to eat at a Philippine restaurant nearby the train station so we immediately had an plan for where to go to have lunch. At that time the owner said that his wife (probably a Filipina) wasn’t around so apparently, there were no dishes prepared. It was a bit small since it could only occupy about five to six people max. Though, they also have a mini mart where I could have purchased Philippine snacks and canned goods but chose not to because I was saving my money for a fully-loaded lunch. Anyway, he gave me a calling card and for anyone interested, you may dial their number whenever you happen to be visiting Nonsan.

2014-11-29 18.31.44

Our next option was to find a “burger rice” restaurant but it was closed on a Sunday.  So we looked further and discovered this place called “Han’s Deli”. As we opened the door and stepped in, I immediately felt the bright lights and colorful atmosphere that washed away my little expectations. 2014-11-16 14.40.33

There were not many customers so we were able to occupy seats easily. We sat near a fountain like tree where the utensils and napkins are kept behind the it. Basically, it was self-service so we started preparing the table, with two of us serving the bowls of soups, plates, utensils and glasses of water from the fountain table while I and the other ordered our choice from the menu. Below is a photo of what we picked for 30,000 won:

2014-11-16 13.20.41

patty rice with fries and fried egg, spicy rice with side dish veggies, Carbonara in bread toast, pizza, chicken salad and soda drinks. burp!

I am not going to be descriptive about the food but I assure you that the above set is perfectly good for four people. On the menu, they also have sets for two or three or if I’m not mistaken even six. It is a deli so you can expect “delicatessen” in it, serving delicious and fine foods. Originally, a deli is a store that sells delicacies or prepared foods but in the US, it is typically a sit-down restaurant. I liked the salad chicken most. It is juicy, a little sour and sweet because of its sweet corn content.  The strips of veggies appeared to be newly washed, served fresh and crunchy.

2014-11-16 13.25.21

I am the type to like the classic-looking environment. The first thing I did was use the toilet once we have occupied our seats. I was delighted to see a feel at home ambiance of the bathroom, with some cabinets having the toothbrush, a hanging flower basket and some cute designs. But most importantly, I noticed the black and white frames showing a photo of vintage roads, vehicles, streets and outdoor post lights. It is also seen on the walls just right at the dining area. Below is a photo of what it looked like. Further, I also took a photo of the bathroom door that looked really homey to me.



I think that Han’s Deli gives an archetypal and vivid feel even upon coming in. Han’s Deli is a place for a relaxing gathering among friends and small families. It has rather simple menus which are also suited for foreigners’ tastebuds too.  Plus, the dishes are affordable and the servings are just what you need. Not too much. Not too little. There are several branches of Han’s Deli found in Korea and they might vary according to their location, set up or structure. But the food menus are definitely the same. Anyway, the overall treat itself is absolutely worth the price. All in all it turned into one fine sunday at Han’s deli.

2014-11-16 14.40.132014-11-16 14.38.16

Leaving the place, I stood still in front of this window showing the backdrop of the silent town with very few people bustling on the streets.  It is a place you can recommend to anyone who will visit Nonsan (If not because of the Strawberry festival or Geumgang University, I suppose.)





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