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Migrant wives

Support Services For Foreign Spouses Of Korean Nationals

The number of Koreans marrying foreigners has skyrocketed in recent years. Foreign spouses, mostly women from other Asian countries,are increasingly becoming an important part of the Korean population. According to a survey, as of September 2013 the single largest group of marriage migrants was Vietnamese women, nearly 40,000. Non-Korean Chinese and ethnic-Korean Chinese women formed

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End of year tax settlement

Income Tax Return For Foreigners: Everything You Need To Know

It’s that time of year again! And no I don’t mean Christmas…..I mean end-of-year tax settlement time. The basic rules to apply for tax refund are the same for both Korean nationals and foreign residents. However, income tax deduction rules are different for foreigners depending on their jobs. Withholding Tax Foreigners working in Korea, are

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Movie Theaters With English Subtitles

Movie theaters in Korea raise problems for many of us, foreigners. You want to go to the movies in Korea but you don’t speak Korean… This could be a problem you might have, and we will solve it for you. Keep reading to find where you can watch Korean movies with English subtitles. The South

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