1000 won Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

This waffle ice cream sandwich stand is located right in front of the Hongik University entrance and right across the Body Shop.

Even though Hongdae is full of restaurants and places to eat, this is a must visit and a low budget snack place to go in the area. It is a little corner shop owned by this middle aged Korean couple.


Their menu is pretty simple: Pie waffle and Ice cream waffle. The warm waffle smothered with ice cream or whipping cream is just a perfect combination. The easiest way to explain the flavor is that you will just have to try it. When you take a bite of it, you will know what I am talking about.


A pie waffle is simply a waffle with cream. The flavors are plain, strawberry, and chocolate cream. An ice cream waffle is simply waffle with about 4~6 scoops of ice cream. This particular type of ice cream reminds most of Koreans of their childhood. On their way home from school in elementary school, it is common to walk home with an ice cream cone. It might probably be the reason why it is popular among Koreans.


It is not the fanciest snack you can find in Korea. Yet, it sure is one of the best street food. Though there tends to be a long line, you won’t need to wait for too long. The lady cooks the waffle in a blink of an eye. You will notice the freshness of waffles by her beads of sweat standing out on her forehead.


There are many other waffle stands in all over Seoul. Though, this place is indeed the best and the cheapest one. For its price, the size is gigantic. So, now, are you ready for some fresh hot waffle ice cream sandwich?

Korean Street Food: Ice Cream Waffles!

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