2015 Rose Festival in Korea

Spring is a season of flowers, blooming with different sizes and shapes, brightly yet colorfully presented to human eyes, not to even mention about the sweet scents. Being able to see such romantically bloomed flowers with your own eyes every year is just a blessing.

Not sure about you guys out there, but for me, I personally find that the Rose Festivals are one of the most romantic events that Korea could ever have. Thus, I have done a list of the top 3 places where you could submerge yourself in a pool of wild and beautiful roses.

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  1. Everland Rose Festival 2015

The most popular tourist spot, Everland will be holding the Everland Rose Festival 2015 from 8th May ~ 14th June 2015. If you have known, it was just a month or two that Everland has held its Tulips festival and now it’s time for the 850 varieties of roses to bloom. With 4 different themes gardens (Cupid, Victoria, Labyrinth and Venus), each garden carries different sculptures and decorations that gives out different vibes to each of them.


To get there:

– Transfer to Yongin Ever Line on Bundang Line, exit at Jeondae Everland station (last stop).

– Take shuttle bus from Yongin Ever Line and go to Everland or Caribbean Bay.


Picture from visitkorea

Picture from visitkorea

  1. Gokseong International Rose Festival 2015

The festival will be held on the 22nd~31st May 2015 in Gokseong-gun, which is widely known for its train village. Located within the train village complex, Rose Park has been a host to the International Gokseong Rose Festival for the 5th year now without fail. This year’s theme will be scent, love and dream whereby one could see a varieties of roses from different parts of the world during the festival at 1004 Rose Park.


To get there:

By Train: Yongsan to Gokseong

  1. KTX (08:05 | 19:45)
  2. Saemaeul (08:35 | 18:15)
  3. Mugunghwa (06:28 | 09:05 | 11:15 | 12:15 | 15:15 | 16:28 | 19:28 | 21:25 | 22:45)


By Bus: From Seoul Central City Bus Terminal to Gokseong

– Travel time: 3 hr 45 min

– Departure: 15:00


Picture from visitkorea

Picture from visitkorea

  1. Ulsan Grand Park Rose Festival 2015

Carrying the slogan of “With class, the city of roses, Ulsan”, the Ulsan Grand Park Rose Festival, one of the largest rose festivals throughout Korea, will be taking place at Ulsan Grand Park on the 23rd~31st May 2015, with an exhibition of approximately 1.2 million roses. It also features a variety of fun activities such as a rose digital camera photo contest, bubble show, rose valley concert and also a rose parade!


To get there:

By Train: KTX (Seoul Station to Ulsan Station)

By Bus: #5004 Limousine (Incheon International Airport to Ulsan City Bus Terminal)

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