The E-3 Research Visa: How to apply

The E-3 Research visa is for you, if you want to work in the research field at a Korean research institute or university. And pursue your career in research, in South Korea.


Before you can apply for the visa, your institution will have to submit a few documents, to the local immigration office. So you will have to submit, the documents to your institution. The documents you have to submit to your institution are as follows:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of certificate of your degree
  • Copy of signed contract with your institution
  • 1 colour photo (3 cm x 4 cm)


You will have to visit your local Korean embassy, or consulate to apply for your visa. To apply you will need to submit following documents:

  • Visa confirmation number
  • Passport
  • Application form
  • Documents related to institute or university (a copy of Business Registration, a copy of certificate acknowledging attachment to corporation)
  • Certificate of your degree or career
  • Contract of employment
  • 1 colour photo (3 cm x 4 cm)
  • Fee ( 50$ For Single Entry, 50$ For Multiple entry)

Once you have obtained your visa, you are able to travel to Korea and start your research. Once you arrive in Korea, you will have to visit the immigration office, to register as an alien. As you will need an alien registration card, which enables you to sign up for a bank account, phone contract, etc, as well as serving as your Korean id card.


If you want to extend your visa beyond your allowed sojourn, you will have to apply for an extension 2 months before your visa expires. If you fail to apply before your visa expires, and apply after it has expired, penalties will be imposed.

To apply for your extension, you will need to visit your local immigration office. At the immigration you will have to submit the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Passport
  • Alien Registration Card
  • Contract of employment
  • Letter of consent from former workplace
  • Fee (60,000 KRW)

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