World Trip in Aiins World Theme Park

Who wouldn’t like a world trip once in their life time? What if I say, you can do that in Korea, around an hour away from the city of Seoul? Have you imagine touring the world in a day? Well, actually you don’t really get to fly to those countries in person, instead, you will see structured models of famous buildings around the world in Aiins World.

Apart from Lotte theme park and Everland, I will be introducing another theme park located in the little town of Bucheon, slightly out of Seoul. Accessible by taking Line 7 to Samsan Stadium, Exit 5, hitch on a taxi and show the driver the name of the theme park (아인스윌드).

Yet again, I have not visited this place personally. Looking up photos online as usual makes me wonder how they would look like in real, how miniature they are, or how huge they might be. I’ll just admit that I’m bad at approximating a distance, or size of an object.


The leaning tower of Pisa in Italy.

Image source: Image Wire Asia

From continents throughout Europe to Asia, more than 100 different models of buildings erected inside Aiins World, allowing visitors to see buildings that represent each country. Every one of these structures was perfectly done, from the builds to painting and coloring, giving a life-like look on each of them.


The famous Colleseum of Rome, yes, you can actually enter into the Colleseum!


Can you guess the name of this iconic building? Hint: It’s in Paris.

Image source: Korea Holic


Twin Towers of America, it’s still heartbreaking to see this building. Do you spot King Kong by the way?

Image source: These Temporary Tents

Stand in front of the miniature buildings, pick up your camera and find an awesome angle, snap it. See how many of your friends would think that you have gone for a world trip.

Recommend that you visit Aiins World during the evening to the night. Although they are just structured models, but don’t get fooled by their outlooks! It will be even more interesting and beautiful after sun sets when these little buildings comes to life, lit up with colorful bulbs and lightings!


Image source: These Temporary Tents

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