Going on a blind date in Korea – 소개팅

Here is the screenshot of kakaotalk conversation of people who just went on a blind date together.

A: Hello~ I got your number from xxx. (안녕하세요~ xxx한테연락처받았어요)

B: Oh yes…(아네…. )

B: By the way, I am really sorry… (근데죄송해요…)

B: You are not my type.. (제스타일이아니시어요..)

A: Oh okay (아네)

One says that he or she got the phone number from their mutual friend. It is mostly likely that it is the guy who is contacting the girl as it is the typical blind date procedure. Assuming that the one who is initiating the conversation is a guy, her answers are quite hilarious. Even though not all Koreans find their significant other this way, it is hard to believe that a lot of Koreans go through this blind date process to meet the love of your life.


One of the most common experiences being in college is going on a group blind date. One of the most common ways to get a girlfriend or a boyfriend is through a blind date in Korea. The typical blind date procedure goes like this. First, you ask your friend to set you up with someone or some people may volunteer themselves to set you up with their friends if you are single. Now, it seems to be a tradition to go through some sort of a screening process by looking at a photo of the person. It is also common to ask a lot of questions about what school he or she went to, where he or she works, how he or she looks like, etc.

blind date 2

Normally, you would meet with your match-maker friend and the person, who you are on a date with, at a café somewhere. Even though it is a bit awkward at first, your friend will try to help break the ice between the two. Sometimes, the friend will just leave after the intro.

blind date

If the date goes well, you can either get her phone number directly during your first date or get it through your match-maker friend. I am assuming it is a good sign to get the number directly from her. If you are able to get the number, that could potentially lead to a second date. After a numeral dates, you could possibly develop your dates into a relationship. There is even a video about this American girl going on blind dates with Korean guys. Maybe this could give you an idea of how it feels like to go on a blind date in Korea. Are you looking for a girlfriend in Korea? Well, this might be your solution!

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