Boryeong Mud Festival


The Boryeong Mud festival is, um, just that:  a festival with a lot of mud.  When I say a lot, I mean that there is enough to swim in and paint tens of thousands of people, literally!  This event takes place in the summer time and lasts for about 10 days.  Starting very recently, the event has become a very popular sensation.  To date, over 2 million people have attended this most interesting adventure.SAM_0505

Boryeong is located about 2 hours south of Seoul and can be accessed by bus or by train.  Daecheon beach is the site where the events are held.  There are dozens of hotels and pensions to accommodate the visitors who come from all over Korea and the world to experience the magical power of the volcanic mud, which is also used in many kinds of skin products and is VERY good.  There are also many other attractions the beach has to offer, such as a zip line, ferry rides, water activities, ATV course and much, much more!  The restaurants are absolutely delicious and offer a wide variety of sea food.  There is something for just everyone in the family.SAM_0387

The mud festival is unique for a variety of features.  It really is a one of a kind experience.  With exception to the Tomato Festival in Spain, I don’t know of any other festivals that require getting this dirty!  The event, which is all free (extra activities have charges), consists of live music, mud events, sports, and body painting.  The mud comes in a variety of colors and can be used to make all kinds of fun and interesting designs.  I drew a fake six-pack on my abs and saw such designs as superman, the Hulk, Korean flag, Sponge Bob and so on.  It is really hard to describe the level of freedom and fun that comes with being painted in such bright colors and totally letting loose!

Considering the uniqueness of the event, and sheer bizarreness, it is something that should be experienced by everyone who resides in Korea.  Having visited multiple times, I can personally vouch for this event as being fun, exciting and interesting.  It is a great place to spend with family, friends, or with a significant other.  So come, dance, swim, sing, eat, drink, play, get dirty and have the time of your life.  I know I will.

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