Busan Global Gathering

Busan Global Gathering is an annual event organized by BIFA (Busan Foundation for International Activities) in autumn season at Busan Citizen Park near Bujeon Station. The purpose of the event is to bring all the foreign communities living in Busan together at same place and promote cultural and social exchange among them as well as with local Koreans. Presently, Korea Government promotes such events and festivals in major cities of Korea round the year to facilitate Tourism in Korea and provide support to foreigner communities as well.


The event provided a platform for most of foreigners new in BUSAN ( like us!!) and living in adjoining cities to interact with their community people, associated groups and locals to know more about living in Busan, how to learn Korean language free of cost, Foreigner Call Center and introduction to communities members from various countries. Also there were some fun stuff that one can enjoy like beauty & makeup class, various volunteering activities, games for both adults & kids and live musical and multicultural performances on stage from artists living in Busan. Troops from various countries displayed their cultural, dance & art performances. One can try costumes from various countries free of cost to click pictures and share happy moments with artists.

It is also intended to celebrate the rich and diverse culture brought by foreigners living in Busan. It allows people from diverse background to show their talents and culture richness to people residing or visiting the event.



For me being a foodie and connoisseur of good taste ;).  The best attraction of the event were food stalls hosted by many young and cheerful volunteers of respective nationalities (those who participated). One can taste the delicious food dishes from countries which is almost nonexistent in Busan City at nominal price (from KRW 1,000 –KRW 5,000 only!!) prepared freshly by the staff itself. I was also surprised to see the active Korean students and volunteers who participated along with them and enjoyed the occasion.

The German freshly brewed beer, Iranian Sweets, Indian delicacies (Samosas for 1,000 Won & Chicken Tikka with Naan & rice just for 4,000 Won only), Tea from China, Brazilian, Mexican, Nepali, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Peru and many more savory’s that one can only imagine of …..With prices like this who wouldn’t try as much food possible!!!!





Strolling past through the event booths and shooting with my DSLR got pictures of clothing, handmade crafts, travel souvenirs and art pieces from across the globe. Many charitable Organizations and students’ forums were also there to help and make the event vibrant, colorful and joyful throughout the day.





Overall, the experience to make foreigner comfortable in the new city surroundings and environment, Busan Cultural Organization and Busan City hall office has done a commendable job in bringing foreigners both new and living in city close together to their respective communities and share cultural exchange with other nationalities and local Korean people. I hope such events and festivals should be organized more often to make BUSAN a comfortable city for living for expats and become a vibrant and colorful city of South Korea in near future.







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