Cheap eat in Korea: Pizza school

Are you looking for a place to munch your way with a low-cost and a budget-friendly meal? Here might be a good solution for you!



Typically I like to consider myself as a healthy eater. However, I cannot hide my love for pizza as a food lover. Who can possibly resist from pizza? Sometimes, I simply crave for some bad ass pepperoni pizza. Regardless of any circumstances, pizza is a pretty good default option. Even though you can purchase a slice of pizza at E-mart or any department stores in Korea, it tends to be expensive if you buy it by slice. You might as well just order an entire pizza, right?

pizza school

The problem is that those places can be pricy and too much to order for a single person. As Korea is known to be such a convenient place to live, there are some good domestic Korean pizza places in addition to big pizza chain restaurants like Dominos etc: Pizza school, Pizza Etang, Ohgupizza, and Bbongdrak Pizza. As an experienced pizza eater, my favorite one is Pizza school! I mean the price of a whole Pepperoni pizza is only 5000 KRW! Not to mention, ummm…it is absolutely tasty and so worth paying for making my tummy smile!

pizza school2

The menus vary starting from Cheese pizza, Pepperoni pizza, Combination pizza, Sweet potato pizza, Potato pizza with bacon, Hot chicken pizza, Korean BBQ pizza, Napoli pizza, Steak pizza, Carbone pizza, Loin crepe pizza, Irish Potato pizza, Chili Shrimp Pizza, are Chinese style shrimp pizza, Deutsche Bite pizza, Mexican bite pizza, Grilled Pork Holic Bite pizza, Dduckgalbi pizza and lastly Chicken Filet pizza. The simplest way to explain the flavor of pizzas in Korea is that pizzas that have complicated names tend to have various mixtures of saltiness and sweetness.


There is plenty to share for two or you can just save the rest for another day. For those who may have leftover pizza, let me just share a simple secret recipe of mine. You can simply heat it up on a frying pan the next day instead of using microwave. The crust gets so crispy and enhances the flavor and makes it even more scrumptious. If I am not starving, I even wait till it cools down and heat it up on a frying pan to make it crispy before I allow them to enter my mouth!

Wish you luck finding one in your neighborhood! If you live close to one, you surely picked a good location to live in Korea.


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