Cherry Blossoms on the Donghaksa Mountain Trail

It has been a long-time ago but I can clearly remember the series of Cherry Blossoms that one spring day.  Our class has finished one of our second cultural class of the day. Being near Gongju, our travel time wasn’t that long and from morning till afternoon, we were able to make Kilned clay pots from the famous Gyeryong Area. Around the base of the Gyeryong National Park are different cultural offerings that one can truly enjoy. Through the years, our school has been affiliated with these Pottery center and has been making students experience the art of of pottery in Korea.


However, on the same day, as the morning was cold as ever but the sun was as high as expected for a great spring day, was the first day of spring of the year. And after all the dirty works making pots, we went for a little visit at the nearest Donghaksa Mountain Trail, where Cherry Blossoms would have now believed to bloom.

If Yeouido is known for it’s streets filled with full bloomed Cherry Blossom trees but the number of visitors each year, this hidden place before you enter the National Mountain park is almost the same with the beautiful number of Cherry Blossoms lining the trail up to the mountain site. Local Koreans and nearby visitors who knows the place would be very familiar with the trail covered with the beautiful pink flowers. As cars seldom pass by and only a few on-lookers, this is a more relaxing site for a cherry blossom sighting.


By the time we have went, the cherry blossoms have just started to bloom and we are right on time to see its short existence. Our group of multinational citizens went for a long-walk to the small empty field where a festival was being held from the place where our bus was parked. After eating a sumptuous traditional Korean meal, our full-blown stomachs actually needed stretching. And so walking along the trail to the Donghaksa temple was the best resolution. Funny as we walk along the streets, a beautiful boutique pension, restaurants and a great party of Korean adults who were traveling already boozed with bottles of Soju and full of Pajeon were the additional Korean treats that made this Cherry-Blossom sightseeing fun as it is.


And as our smart phones and cameras kept on clicking for the great Cherry-Blossom picture, the cold winds held us back and made us come back to the bus before it actually brings us back to school. But forever, such streets of gloriously bloomed Cherry blossoms would be a needed Korean experience for every foreigner that visits.


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