CouchSurfing Korea

In order to explain CouchSurfing in Korea, we must first start off with explaining Couch Surfing.  This recent advent is a website that connects travelers, and those interested in traveling, all over the world.

When in a new country or city, you can message residents for advice, meet up, or even to be hosted in their house.  That’s right.  This site allows total strangers to come into each other’s houses and engage in mutual trust and hospitality, a truly remarkable concept.

Couchsurfing in Korea

The Trend that is catching fire all over the world

In the forums, CSERS can message city groups seeking travel tips, or plan events.  Events can range from something simple like getting coffee or a beer, to more complex things like camping trips, house parties and so on.   Often times, people will meet up for dancing, Norebongs (singing rooms), movies, and almost any activity you can think of.  Each Tuesdays, 20-30 people meet up for cheap food and beers in Itaewon, the foreigner district of Seoul.  Every week the venue changes, as do the people.  Given the nature of the sight, people usually come and go.  Every week you are likely to meet a mix of Korean nationals, kyopos, expats, and travelers visiting Korea.

Couchsurfing in korea

A Family Experience in a Foreign Land

While living in Seoul, I have personally hosted over 150 people from all over the world.  I have also gotten gifts and food cooked in my house from all corners of the globe!   I have also had the opportunity to organize many events and meet ups in this country I have grown to love so much.  Connecting to so many people has opened my mind and heart to so many different things, and I have met countless interesting people in the process.  My life has literally been changed by this single site.  While using it, I have been able to expand my travels by twice the time my budget would have allowed for.  No matter where you are, Couch Surfing Inc. can improve your life and expand your horizons on so many levels.  Why don’t you give it a try?

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