D-1 Visa ( Culture/ Art)

This visa is for individuals who wish visit South Korea to engage in academic or art activities which are not for the purpose of profit-making.


  • – Those that write a paper or engage in creative work

  • – Those engaged in academic research or traditional art that are invited by non-profit organization

  • – Those seeking to research or receive training from an expert about Korean cultural tradition or art (ex: traditional martial art such as Taekwondo, Korean dance, calligraphy, court music, Zen meditation, farm music, etc.)

Documents Required

D-1 visa is usually issued in accordance with visa issuance confirmation letter. In order to apply for the visa issuance confirmation letter you will need:

  • – Passport with remaining validity of at least 6 months

  • – One recent passport-size photograph

  • – Completed application form for visa issuance

  • – Letter of invitation

  • – Documents that prove that the organization is cultural-arts-oriented

  • -If you plan to learn from a specialist, his/her certificate of experience/qualifications is needed (the experts indicate intangible cultural assets or vocational technician of nation)

  • – Resume or a certificate of career

  • – Documents that prove your financial capability to afford all the expenses during the period of stay

* please keep in mind that the head of diplomatic mission may request additional documents in order to examine the purpose of entry, genuineness of the invitation, and the qualifications of the inviter and invitee.

Maximum Length Of Stay

The maximum length of stay on a D-1 visa is 2 years.

Extension Of Stay

You are eligible to extend your maximum length of stay on a D-1 visa. You will need:

  • An application form
  • Valid Passport
  • Fee
  • Training schedule and activity outline issued by the training institution/organization
  • Documents proving that the organization is a cultural/art organization (i.e. business registration certificate)
  • Proof of residency (i.e. Lease contract, notice of the expiry date of your period of sojourn, a utility bill payment for any public services, receipt of university housing fee and others.)

Additional documents

A certificate of training

Change Of Status

Change of status is allowed only in certain cases at the discretion of the local immigration office. You are eligible for a change of status on a D-1 visa if:

  • You are an individual who acquired foreign nationality due to international adoption; or
  • You are a citizen of Germany coming to Korea without a visa (B-1) or
  • You are a citizen of Canada planning to stay in Korea for less than 6 months

Required Documents

  • An application form
  • Passport
  • Application Fee
  • Training schedule and activity outline issued by the training institute/organization
  • Documents proving that the organization is a culture/art organization (i.e. a copy of business registration certificate)

Additional Documents

  • A statement of reasons for invitation
  • A Certificate of training
  • Documents proving your financial ability to afford tuition and living expenses (If you cannot submit one, you must submit a reference letter)

Remember that you must also apply for an Alien Registration Card (ARC) since you will be residing in Korea for more than 3 months. You must have the alien registration card within 90 days upon your arrival in Korea.

Please contact your local immigration office for more details. You can also visit the immigration website:www.hikorea.go.kr or call the immigration helpline at 1345.

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