D-2 Visa (Overseas Study)

For anyone out there interested in studying abroad, South Korea is an option you should consider.


This visa is for people who plan to attend regular education courses (exchange student, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree programs) at a college, university or graduate school or for people who wish to conduct a specific research study at a college or university in Korea.

Required Documents

  • Visa Application form or Certificate for Recognition of Visa Issuance

  • Valid Passport

  • Application Fee

  • 1 passport photo

  • A Photocopy of University Business Registration Card

  • Certificate of Admission (Official Letter from Korea certified by University President)

  • Letter of Acceptance (From the Korean University)

  • Certificate of the latest scholastic achievement

  • Certificate of bank balance (balance must be at least $10,000,000 USD) or Certificate of Scholarship

*Additional document may be required depending on the embassy or consulate.

Additional Documents For Research Students

For students who want to visit South Korea for the purpose of research at a university might need the following additional documentation:

  • Certificate from your most recent school/institution

  • Documents outlining/substantiating the subject of research

  • Letter of personal security assurance

Documents For Chinese Students

Students who are citizens of China (Mainland) require a “Certification No. of Visa Issuance” for their D-2 visa application.

Required Documents for Application for Certificate No. of Visa Issuance

  • 1 passport photo

  • Valid passport photocopy

  • Copy of an identification card of the student as well as copy of identification card of the student’s family members.

  • Family Registry (Applies to Chinese only; Must include whole family)

  • Original graduation certificate and transcripts

  • Credential report of graduation certificate (Graduation verification from China higher-education student information)

  • Original bank statement confirming the current balance.

Length Of Stay

The maximum length of stay on a D-2 visa is 2 years.

Extension Of Stay

Students on D-2 visa who need to stay in Korea longer than their original sojourn period to complete their academic program or to prepare their thesis after the completion of their regular academic program are eligible to apply for a visa extension.

You are eligible to apply for extension for thesis preparation for a maximum of 2 years (1 year for students in master’s program). Visa is extended for 6 months each time.

You can apply for the VISA extension 2 month before your VISA expiry date.

Required Documents For Extension Of Visa For Completion Of A Regular Degree Program:

  • Application form

  • Valid Passport

  • Alien Registration Card

  • Certificate Of Enrollment

  • Transcript

  • Application Fee

  • A Bank Statement (a receipt of wire transfer or money exchange in the amount of USD 13,000 or more) or Certificate of Scholarship

  • A tuition payment receipt or Certificate of Scholarship

  • A Confirmation Letter of Residence

Required Documents For Extension Of Stay For Thesis Preparation:

  • Application Form

  • Valid Passport

  • Alien Registration Card

  • A Certificate of Enrollment

  • Transcript

  • Application Fee

  • A tuition payment receipt or Certificate of Scholarship

  • Professor’s recommendation showing details of thesis teaching process, future review schedule, and the reason for recommendation (The form is available at the website of the Immigration Office, Hi Korea.)

  • Certificate of Completion (Applicable for Chinese Students)

  • A Confirmation Letter of Residence

* Please keep in mind that the immigration office may require additional documents depending on individual circumstances.

Part Time Employment Permission (S-3) on D-2 visa

Students who have been attending for more than 1 semester (6 months) and who wish to work in a company or an institute, are eligible to apply for part time employment permission on D-2 visa.
* Please note that students who are working temporarily as Aan assistant instructor or teacher at his/ her university or students who are members of a research project DO NOT need employment permission.
Required Documents
  • Valid Passport
  • Application form
  • Alien registration card
  • Recommendation for part-time work form (It should be signed by employer, guidance professor or a staff in charge at the applicant’s university)

Activities Allowed And Limits

The part time job is limited to 20 hours for undergraduate students / 30hours for Graduate students on weekdays in a school term, and for up to 2 workplaces.

Type of work must be related to their study field or jobs socially accepted as proper jobs for students. If the applicant meets the required criteria you can work part time at an English village etc.

In most cases, Private tutoring is prohibited by law. I recommend confirming with your local immigration office about the activities you are allowed to engage in.

E-application for International Student Part-time Working Permission is available at: www.hikorea.go.kr

Also, remember that all foreigners who intend to stay in Korea for over 90 days must obtain an Alien Registration from the local Immigration Office. You must apply for the alien registration card within 90 days upon your arrival in Korea.
For more information please contact your local Korean Consulate/ embassy or immigration office. You can also visit the immigration website at www.hikorea.go.kr or call the immigration helpline at 1345.

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