D-3 Visa: Industrial Trainee (산업연수)

This visa is for individuals who want to enter South Korea for on-the-job training at an industrial training institute.images


– A person who would like to receive on-the-job training at corporations (D-3-1) in accordance

with the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act

– A person who would like to receive on-the-job training at corporations that export technology

to foreign countries and that are deemed to require industrial training by the Minister of Justice

– A person who would like to receive on-the-job training at corporations which export their

industrial facilities to foreign countries in accordance with the International Trade Act

Confirmation of Visa Issuance

An Industrial Trainee visa is issued based on the Confirmation of Visa Issuance. The confirmation of visa issuance number is issued by the head of an immigration (branch) office. Once you receive confirmation of visa, you can submit the confirmation number to the head of a diplomatic mission (for example: a Korean Consulate or a Korean Embassy) near you.


The necessity for on-the-job training in Korea is recognized by the head of a diplomatic mission abroad and a local immigration office if :

You are a production employee of an “international joint investment corporation” or “overseas branch of a Korean company” and it is hard or impossible for you to acquire the technology in your own country due to lack of experienced workers/experts.

You are an employee of an assembly line of a foreign company that has signed a technology introduction contract or a technology-sharing contract worth of US$100,000 or more with a Korean company, and imported technology on the contract

You are an employee of an assembly line of a foreign company that has imported plants worth of US$500,000 or more.

Required Documents

  • Application for a confirmation of visa issuance

  • Copy of valid passport

  • One standard-size photograph

  • Training plan indicating training details

  • Personal reference from the inviter

  • Documents proving the number of full time employees of the host company in order to determine the permitted number of trainees

  • Documents proving the on-the-job training environment, including internal training (process) and housing(dormitory) facilities (ex. photographs of the dorms’ interiors, and etc.)

Additional Documents

Additional documents proving that the invitee meets the required criteria to be considered an industrial trainee for example:

  • A copy of business registration of the branch office in a foreign country

  • Invitee’s proof of employment

  • Documents proving Korean language proficiency etc.

Additional documents are also required to prove that the host company is a permitted corporation for training.

Documents required for Foreign Direct Investment Business:

– Foreign Direct Investment Declaration (a duplicate copy needs to be stamped by a public official)

– (Cash Investment) Receipt for wire transfer or confirmation of wire transfer (submit the original copy or a duplicate stamped by a bank)

– (Investment in Kind) a confirmation “export permit” issued by the customs (check the investment number in the approval number section)

If the company has outstanding balance to be invested, an investment plan on this outstanding balance needs to be submitted.

Documents required for Technology Export Business:

– A copy of technology export contract (Korean)

– A written approval if you have obtained approval from the Minister of Trade, Industry and

Energy in accordance with the International Trade Act or the Act on Industrial Technology Drain Protection and Prevention.

Documents for Plant Export Business:

– Approval for plant export (including approval for change)

For proving the number of full time employees of the host company, you need to submit statements of insurable qualification printed and confirmed by the Ministry of Employment and Labor Website (employment insurance website)

Length Of Stay

The maximum length of stay on a D-3 visa is one year.

Extension Of Stay

Theoretically, training period of an industrial trainee should not exceed 6 months from the date of entry. However, you may apply for an extension at your local immigration office. If the immigration (Branch) Office deems it necessary, the training period may be extended. Please remember that extending the training period is at the discretion of the head of your local immigration office and their decision is in consideration of the necessity of extending the training period, desertion rate and the record of lawbreaking (Guidelines of the Ministry of Justice, as of April 5, 2010). Their decision may vary based on individual circumstances.

Also note, that the maximum length of extended period will be less than 1 year from the original date of entry. You may be granted an extension of up to 6 months at first, and you may apply for another extension up to 1 year from the date of entry. So the total limit on the period of sojourn is 2 years: 1 year for the original sojourn period and an additional of up to 1 year in extension.

Change Or Addition Of Workplace

People on D-3 visa are not allowed to change or add workplaces during their stay in Korea.

Change Of Status

In principle, individuals on D-3 visa are restricted to apply for ‘Change of status’.

Re-Entry Permit

Individuals on D-3 visa are exempted from re-entry permit if they plan to return to Korea within 1 year from the departure date or If less than 1 year is left in the period of sojourn.

Alien Registration Card

Since D-3 visa is valid for more than 90 days, you must also apply for an Alien Registration from your local Immigration Office. Apply for the alien registration card within 90 days upon your arrival in Korea.

For further information or questions regarding the D-3 visa, please contact your local immigration office or a Korean consulate/ embassy overseas. Information is also available on the Korean immigration website: www.hikorea.go.kr

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