De-mystifying Korean Blood Types

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If you’re living in North America (like I currently am), it is fairly likely that you have no idea what your blood type is. You may happen to know if you got blood taken recently and remembered to ask or your parents might remember, but it’s not something that we spend a lot of time thinking about. If you think about it, though, it’s something we SHOULD know about (in case we need blood in an emergency), but that’s a whole different topic.

Let’s dive right into the topic of dating:
If you choose to go out on a date here in Canada (for example), one of the most common questions might sound a little something like this: “Hey! What’s your astrological sign?” “Oh, I’m an Aries! How about you?” “I’m also an Aries…” “Okay, well that might not work, we’ll probably butt heads”. In Korea, on the other hand, blood type is the burning question on everyone’s mind. There are oodles of websites dedicated to identifying the blood types of famous celebrities in Korea, and some even base their compatibility and future with a certain individual solely based on their blood type compatibility. Blood type is taken pretty seriously in Korea, and it is made even more obvious through countless mainstream dramas and films that feature story lines and themes that focus heavily on Korean couples who struggle and get into trouble because of mis-matched blood types.

Apparently the linking of blood types to personality originated in Japan way back, and regained popularity again in the 70’s. It became a huge craze and then spread to occupy the minds of Taiwanese and South Koreans alike.

Gong Yoo2Curious about which traits match their corresponding blood types? Take a look at our lists below for a description of what to look out for in A, B, AB and O blood types. (Keep in mind that not everyone with these blood types acts exactly like what these lists say, but it gives you a pretty good idea!)

Blood Type A: The stubborn, yet patient perfectionist

A’s Positive Traits: They are generally introverted and keep to themselves sometimes, which means they prefer to be quiet. They are good at keeping secrets, so you can expect them to stay tight-lipped. They are also very patient, punctual (always on time!) and inclined to be perfectionists in everything that they do. They are also loyal to their friends, families and partners.

A’s Negative Traits: They have obsessive tendencies, and are incredibly stubborn. They don’t like to share their feelings, which can be frustrating when you want to talk about something serious. They are also not known for their ability to drink, so if you want a strong partner who can hold their liquor, A형may not be for you.

Blood Type B: The free-spirited, absent-minded loverGain

B’s Positive Traits: They are creative, free-spirited, open-minded and can be flexible in most situations. They have a positive nature and are very passionate partners.

B’s Negative Traits: Unfortunately, though, B형 tends to be very absent-minded, and they are not known for being responsible in their own personal endeavours. They occasionally think only about themselves and don’t care much about what others think of them. They can be self-centered in situations where they most certainly shouldn’t be.

B형 blood types have a bad reputation in Korea, especially among men, and they often tend to be labeled as lady killers. If you’re looking for the perfect husband material, B형 may not be the best place to look. Of course this isn’t all men, but it depends on how much influence blood types have on you.

Shin JiBlood Type AB: The apathetic, two-faced harmony-loving realist 

AB’s Positive Traits: They tend to be level-headed, relaxed, and have an impressive level of self-control. They have strong personal ethics and are empathetic, and extremely rational. This partner is a great one to have around when you need a rock to keep you firmly planted on the ground.

AB’s Worst Traits: On the other hand, AB형 appears to be very unattached, uninterested and withdrawn in many cases. They are often too critical, can never make a decision when prompted to do so and are not good at forgiving people who cross them.

Of all the blood types, AB형 may possibly be the most human of all. They do the majority of their thinking with their heads, and less often with their hearts. They very responsible, know how to budget (but might be pretty stingy in most cases). They are pretty distant with most people, but they are good at negotiating and keeping the peace between close friends and loved ones. When it comes to relationships, though, they can be hard to trust in the long run. Their two-faced reputation isn’t something that they are very respected for.

Blood Type O: The multi-talented, vain and passionate warriorRain 2

O’s Positive Traits: They are go-getters, who never give up on their goals and dreams. They continuously reach for the stars, even when the going gets tough. They have a lot of energy and are incredibly expressive when it comes to competition and taking risks.

O’s Negative Traits: Their constant desire to succeed and rise above the rest makes them look incredibly conceited, inconsiderate and heartless in the eyes of others. They also tend to care a lot about looks and probably spend most of their time in the bathroom looking into the mirror.

O형 are indeed warriors and will never give up without a fight. At both work and in social situations, O형 tend to make the best leaders as they know how to take control of a situation. Their passionate nature gives them an edge in leadership that others don’t quite possess, but if they let it go to their head, others will likely avoid spending time around them.

Did you learn something new about blood types in Korea? Feel a little more in touch with your Korean blood type personality traits? If you know the blood type of your current partner, do the two of you match quite nicely – or do your personalities completely clash according to our blood type standards? Let us know in the comments below!

TODAY’S QUESTION: “How important is blood type to you? Does it dictate the success or failure of your relationship?”. Leave a comment with your answer. We’d love to hear what you have to say – let’s start the conversation!

3 thoughts on “De-mystifying Korean Blood Types

  1. Santiago on

    Hi, this is very interesting toping to talk about it. I think that the human behaviour depents on some innate features and, over all, on lived experiences. Also sometimes, twins who live in the same environment are totally different. In a bottom line, it is impossible to fit everyone in one of four classes, whatever be the used reason.

    I´d like take advantage of this opportunity to ask something to readers. Nowadays, we are very sensitive with racism, xenophobia, homophobia etc. ¿Don´t you think it is a kind of discrimination?

    Thank you.

  2. Min on

    Hey! I read your awesome article!
    I am B 형 and some positive and negative traits of B are exactly same as my character!
    For me, I don’t care what someone around me have any blood type.
    I think that almost korean men don’t care it like me (just my thought) but women do.
    They always consider blood type of someone who marry or have a relationship with them.
    글 잘 읽었어요!
    저번 애교보다 이해하기 쉽고 재밌네요!

    1. Andrew Fraser on

      상민아~ Thanks for your comment!
      I think blood type is fun to talk about with friends, and can be an interesting topic,
      but I don’t think it’s so important in the long run. It’s true that women seem to care
      a little more about it than men, though! It can have some affect on how you get along
      with people, but it’s not always true. I’m also sorry about the aegyo article – it’s a little difficult!

      You can always come to read any of our blog posts to practice your English, too! It’s
      a great way to increase comprehension! :) Thanks again, friend!


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