Mr. Pumpkins and Everland

If Lotte World claimed to be the biggest indoor theme park, I would rank Everland as the biggest outdoor theme park, well, in South Korea. Not trying to compare with other countries though.

Everland was one of the few places in our tour itinerary list. “It’s a famous theme park” I told myself and my mom, not even knowing what made it so popular. Wondering how remote could this theme park is when it’s one of the popular tourist spot among foreigners and locals. I remember sitting in the bus, looking in awed at the sights I saw outside the window. Red and yellow trees, beautiful mountains, taxis, clean roads. But, Everland was still nowhere to be found! It must have been quite a distance from where we departed earlier that morning, I thought to myself.

Couple hours (or more) later, Mr. James, our handsome and helpful tour guide stood up and announce that we finally arrived at our destination. We took our stuffs and head down the bus. My eyes locked onto the beautiful and huge main entrance of Everland that looks like a castle wall, hiding what could be inside of it. I tried taking a peek at the inside but failed. The walls were obviously taller than me.



We headed in after Mr. James bought the tickets and took our time to roam about in that fairytale like theme park. Nibbled on some lunch, then went for some safari with Mr. James. Couldn’t believe what we were seeing, that horrible queue! It takes like, more than an hour just to hop onto the coach! Lucky we had James with us and he was telling us about his family, his kids, as well as some history about Hangeul and Korea. Our wait doesn’t seems like forever thanks to him.

We hurriedly chose a seat near the window so that we could get a closer look at the animals, as in, the window was the only thing between us and the animals? It was an awesome experience I would say. Perhaps, because it’s afternoon, most of the animals especially the tigers and lions were mostly sleeping.



These bears are the highlight of the safari! In exchanged for treats, they do what they were told. My brain is too old to remember those details but they are definitely the most interesting bears I have ever seen. Ok, it was my first time looking at these beastly furry friends.


Can I give them a teddy hug??

It was end of October when we went there, do you know what event is around that time? It’s Halloween! Yes, Everland has a different theme for every season, and this time, it was Halloween. Pumpkins everywhere! I hope you don’t hate those cute pumpkins with all kinds of facial expressions…


My lovely mom..




A parade that we came across.

Lastly, may I introduce to you my favourite tree with cute little Caspers hanging below it?


If you wish to visit Everland on a free and easy trip, it’s rather easy to do so nowadays with public transport and shuttle busses.

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