Foreign language Visa (Teaching visa) , E-2

The foreign language visa, also known as the teaching visa. is an E-series category visa, which is given to those who will teach a non Korean language in Korea.


Mostly when you say Teaching visa, people will think of English teachers. As they make up a lot of the teachers in Korea, but there are many other foreign languages taught here. Such as Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish etc. So chances are that you could be a native speaker of one of the languages taught here in Korea, giving you a good chance of getting a teaching job here.


To apply for your teaching visa, you will need to gather some documents before you apply. Those documents are: Criminal background check, Authenticated/Apostatized Copy of Degree Parchment, Sealed university transcript, a copy of your signed contract, personal health statement and a valid passport.


You will be sending all of the documents, EXCEPT your passport. To your employer in Korea, who will then apply for an E2 teaching Visa verification number. When you have the number, you will have to get in touch with your closets Korean embassy or consulate. To ask which additional documents, they will need. And weather you need to do an in-person interview, which is officially required for all first time E2 holders. Make sure have all the contacts to your employer, as you will list them as your contact in Korea. Once you’ve done all this, you will send in or deliver your passport, passport photos, visa verification number as well as the E2 teaching visa application form.


Once you get the E2 visa, you can stay in Korea for up to 2 years. Though, it’s most likely less, depending on the length of your contract. Though, you are only allowed to work at the hagwon or school you signed the contract with. Though you can add other employment places to your visa, though only if your employer does not change.


Though you may add other employment places to your visa, you’re not allowed to switch jobs, subbing, tutoring or any other employment on the side. Though, you may teach English to your colleagues. Or you may engage in volunteer work, if you don’t receive any profit.


Because of the strict rules with the E2 teaching visa, you should be sure you’ve signed with the right place. As getting out of a contract is a very sticky situation, and you can only switch jobs if you have a letter of release. And those are not easily given out, if you work at a hagwon.

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