City out of Seoul – Gangneung

You had been travelling to Korea for more than once, and felt a little bored with Seoul already? No worries, let us head out of Seoul, and visit Gangneung in Gangwon-do!

This name has been ringing in front of my eyes for quite some time and I decided to do some research about it. Though I have no experienced about this city yet , but after few days of research after research, I felt a little more familiar with it and start writing this.

Gangneung is located in the East of South Korea, it might be a rare name among tourists and travelers, but it isn’t to the locals. Just 3 hours bus ride away from Seoul (as long as the traffic is smooth) which is accessible from Express Bus Terminal, so what are the hot spots worthwhile for a visit?

1.  Gyeongpo Beach

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One of the main attraction in Gangneung, formed between Gyeongpo Lake and the ocean, located 1km away from Gyeongpodae . Gyeongpo Beach is known for its beautiful view with fine sands, blue and crystal clear water, along the shore there are rows of pine trees, making it a perfect getaway for the summer (or to escape Seoul).

Check out the post here for more info about Gyeongpo Beach.

2. Gyeongpodae Pavilion

Picture taken from Wikipedia

Picture taken from Wikipedia

Other than the beach, Gyeongpodae Pavilion is another popular tourist site which is full of histories waiting to be discovered. Designated as Regional Cultural Asset No. 6, its structure is divided into 6 sections in the front, 5 sections at the side, with 28 pillars surrounding the pavillion. The Gyeongpodaebu, located inside which was written by Yul-Gok at the age of 10. It writes about the slow and leisurely movement of the heavens, making it even more distant, and the clear, bright moon shimmering in the darkness.

Overlooking the Gyeongpo Lake, there is a rumor saying that one may see the moon at 5 different spots in Gyeongpodae Pavilion, once reflected in the sea, once reflected on the lake, once reflected in a drinking glass and lastly your lover’s eyes, so romantic that I eagerly wanted to experience it once.


2. Ojukheon House


Last but not least, is the beautiful and well preserved Ojukheon House, maintained by its descendants, the name derived from the many black bamboo trees surrounding the house. One of the oldest residential building in Korea, which is also the place where Yul Gok, his mother Shin Saimdang and other family members lived during the year 1504 ~ 1551.

Yul Gok (also known as Yi I), was one of the two most respected and renown Korean Confucian scholar of the Joseon Dynasty. You may find Yul Gok on the face of 5,000 Korean won note.

On the other hand, Shin Saimdang, mother to Yul Gok alongside with 6 other children, was a Korean artist, calligraphist, writer, poet and was given a respectful nickname Eojin Eomoni (Wise Mother) She is on the face of 50,000 Korean won note.

Ojukheon was designated as Treasure No. 165 in the year 1963.


Busan might be the second most popular city in South Korea, but there are other cities which are not so famous among foreigners like Gangneung. Take a trip there and find out what other hidden beauty lies within that city!

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