Good Eats: Daegu Edition

Looking for good eats in Daegu? Here are some favourite restaurants and cafes suggested by some expats who live in the fourth largest city in Korea, all in one article! It includes places to go for all of your meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert; there is something for everyone.

paris 16Sometimes homesickness comes on and you just have the craving for a bagel and cream cheese or a solid English breakfast. The go-to for many people is Lazy Diner located in downtown Daegu across the street from Travelers Pub and Grill. Lazy Diner has the quintessential breakfast go-to’s as well as a nostalgic atmosphere and complimentary board games to keep you occupied while you sip on your coffee or tea and wait for your food. But Lazy Diner may have some competition in town if you are willing to travel outside of downtown Daegu, to its neighboring area; Beomeo (only three stops from Banwoldang on the green line). Paris 16 is an elegant French-style bakery that has a brunch menu with items such as an jalapeño cream omelette. If that doesn’t scream gourmet and make your mouth water, then maybe a trip to Paris Baguette will satisfy you. As my friend said “Lazy Diner is only good out of lack of choice”, so I recommend you make Paris 16 the stop during your next weekend brunch.

Directions to Gourmet Paris 16:

Beomeo Station and take exit 1

557-8, Beomeo-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu (대구광역시 수성구 범어동 557-8번지)

Hamburgers are another food that often is found on the craving list, “I could use a good burger, STAT!”

Exterior of Boogie Burger

Exterior of Boogie Burger

Traveler’s Pub and Grill is a popular hangout for expats and the menu includes hamburgers, but if you are looking for a quality burger I recommend Boogie Burger if you are in the downtown area.

Directions for Boogie Burger:

22-23 Bongsan-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu

It is in the heart of downtown Daegu, one block north of Traveler’s Bar and Grill.

And if we’re talking about hamburgers, there also has to be a suggestion for a sandwich place in Daegu. Wich Wich is in downtown Daegu and sports a brightly painted turquoise exterior wall. The sandwiches are affordable and fresh and are sure to satisfy your craving for a solid honest sandwich.

wich wichDirections for Wich Wich:

Daegu Bank Station and take exit 4. When you exit, walk straight for one block. Wich Wich occupies the outside corner of the Lotte Castle apartments on your left.

If it is a Korean food experience you’re looking for. I recommend the bulgogi tents for Korean food with a bit of a twist. The bulgogi tents or Bukseongro are a cheap and fun way to spend the night. Just as the name suggests these are tents and have the feel of a night market where you sit in plastic chairs. The menu items are limited with udon and bulgogi, but if that’s what you’re in the mood for then add some soju and beer and you will have yourself a fun night!

bulgogi tents

Directions to Buksongro bulgogi tents:

The easiest way is to head to Jungangro subway station and jump in a taxi. Ask the taxi to take you to Bukesongro Bulgogi (북성로 불고기). The taxi driver will drop you off across the street from Daegu Bank. Cross the street and the alley with the bulgogi tents is on the right side of the bank.

2030 BBQ Alley

Another delicious place to go for Korean food is BBQ Alley in downtown Daegu. BBQ Alley is a street filled on both sides with different BBQ places that tempt all of your senses.

Directions to BBQ Alley:

’20/30 Alley’ (20대30대 골목). From 삼덕소방서 (Samduk Fire Station), head into downtown and make your first left onto “Club Street.” Just before clubs Frog and MK you’ll see the narrow Alley on your right.


Hi Thai

Hi Thai

Some days you just want to try a different type of cuisine, if you are in the mood for Thai food. I recommend Hi Thai close to Banwoldang station. It is a small and cozy venue and often you may have to wait (but I have never had to wait for more than ten minutes). They have a mix of Thai curries, noodle dishes, and tom yum soup which is a sweet and sour soup – so good!! Their dishes are flavorful, authentic and fresh.

Directions to Hi Thai:

Go to the main street where the stage and H&M is (close to Banwoldang Station) and walk towards the Novotel Hotel for three blocks. You will pass the park. Turn right after three blocks and the restaurant will be on your right.

Exterior of Ganga Indian Restaurant You can also find quite a few delicious Indian restaurants around Daegu, but a common favourite is Ganga by Suseong Lake. They have amazing food, a fun atmosphere, and good wine. The price point is a little more expensive than some Indian restaurants you can find in Daegu, but their food tastes authentic and rich.

Address for Ganga Authentic Indian Restaurant:

415-13, Sang-dong, Suseong-gu, Deagu

I'm Paul

Looking for dessert? I’m Paul B.A.R.I.S.T.A. seems to recently be gaining popularity and a positive reputation for delicious desserts such as cheesecakes, strawberry shortcake, banana pudding, and decadent gourmet chocolate desserts. Recently, I’m Paul was featured in an interview in the March 2015 issue of the Daegu Compass. I’m Paul opened this year, but has delighted it’s customers tastes with the desserts as well as a comfortable atmosphere.

Directions to I’m Paul B.A.R.I.S.T.A.:

It is on Cell Phone Street, close to Banwoldang Exit 10.

(아임폴 바리스타는 대구 동성로 통신골목에 있으며 반월당

역 10번 출구 가까이에 있다)

I hope that you go out and search for these “good eats” and if there are any additional restaurants that you find please share in the comments!

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