Great Wall of Seoul and Seoul City Museum

Did you know that Seoul has their very own Great Wall surrounding the city?

Though incomparable to Great Wall of China, yet it stretched out at a distance as far as 18.6 kilometers. Seoul City Wall was damaged during the Japanese ruling era, but was recently, through restorations, once again is regaining its previous reputation and becoming a popular walking trail among locals and foreigners. Bearing the name, it acts as a barrier between the capital and suburb towns outside of Seoul just like the one you would see in Hong Kong TVB dramas.



During Joseon Dynasty, residents inside the wall would be greatly affected as they were informed of the opening and closing times of the gates by the sound of the Bell at Bosingak Belfry on Jongno. Controlling the life of a citizen, it will strike thirty-three times to lift the curfew in the early morning and twenty-eight times to announce curfew in the evening.


Image source: Pin Interest

Upon reading some history about the wall, I also came to know an interesting fact which is that anyone or everyone who died had to be buried outside the wall, regardless of king or commoner. As so to say, people living inside the wall cherish the importance of life, imagine surviving those difficult times during the Joseon era, with countless of wars breaking out, only to hope being able to stay alive.

Being part of a living symbol and pride of Seoul, Seoul Metropolitan Government announced an in depth plan to preserve and manage the city wall to become a global cultural heritage site. Therefore, construction of the Seoul City Wall Museum was promoted to display the value of Seoul City Wall which is equipped with exhibitions of the past, present, and the future.

The museum holding the wall’s history of more than 600 years that once guarded this beautiful city, opened to public during last April on a partial operation basis, is now officially open and operating in full as of 31st July 2014.



Beauty of Seoul City Wall during winter

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