Here’s a Quick Guide on Korean TV Shows

Korean TV Show evolve through time. More shows are being televised internationally.

Korean TV Show evolve through time. More shows are being televised internationally.

Korea has been one of the leading entertainment countries in the world. With programs that will make you laugh, make you cry to programs that can give out useful tips for your life.
Television Networks on the other hand involves the three largest which are KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) and SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System. Each television network produced shows that marked in the television industry of Korea.

Currently, the list of Korean Television Series is divided into categories such as News, Current Affairs, Studio Shows and Dramas. Studio Shows and Dramas paved way for South Korea’s spot in the entertainment world. With its shows being translated and shown in various countries across the globe.

News and Current Affair Programs

The biggest television network has its own general news program. KBS News 9 for KBS, MBC Newsdesk for MBC and SBS 8 News for SBS. Also adding on the list is JTBC’s JTBC News 9.

Showbiz News on the other hand are tvN eNews 9. SBS KSTAR News 840, MBC Showbizdesk 840, KBS Entertainment replay and Mnet Wide News.

Curious Story Y, Vivid Sources of Information and Arguments are some of the examples of Korean Current Affairs shows.

Studio Shows

Studio Shows in Korea is further classified into Comedy, Music, Entertainment, Talk Show, Variety and Sports.

    • Gag Concert is an all-out fun comedy show as well as Ha tttang sa and Saturday Night Live Korea.
    • Music shows are a combination of talk shows and contest that involves the music industry of Korea. Top on the list of Music Shows that involves talk shows and hosted by some of Koreas top artist has been, MBC Kim Dong Ryul’s For You, Kim Jung-eun’s Chocolate and You Hee-Yeol’s Sketchbook.
    • Music Chart on the other hand consists of Music Bank (KBS), Show! Music Core (MBC), M! Countdown (Mnet) and Inkigayo (SBS).
    • Talk Show, Strong heart has been known as one of the best talk show in Korea wherein guests has to answer topics raised by the show host. There’s also the Global Talk Show, Sponge and SBS Lotto Show.

The phenomenal Boys Over Flowers, Korea’s version of Meteor Garden/Hana Yori Dango.

  • Variety Show
    Most Korean Studio Shows has been part of the variety category for this gives life in the industry of television. Family Outing from SBS created this strong standing on the variety line up. It’s not airing anymore but was exchanged with other variety programs that guarantee to amuse any viewer.

Currently, RunningMan of SBS, 1 Night and 2 Days of KBS and We Got Married of MBC tops teh list. More variety shows are shown specializing with a day in the life of Kpop Idols such as Beast Showtime, EXO Showtime and Apink Showtime etc.

Drama Shows

Known for its great story line up and casting, Drama Shows reserves a special spot in Korean Television. A long list of Korean Drama is publicly available in the internet but to name a few are Autumn In My Heart, Stairway to Heaven, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Secret Garden, Full house and Boys Over Flowers.

One will never get bored of the programs that South Korea produce. As to whatever gender, age and/or nationality, there’s a show dedicated for entertaining and fulfilling one’s visual and emotional cravings.

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