Ice Skating Rink at Seoul City Hall

Winter activities in Seoul? What’s the must do activities in Winter? Skiing? Snowboarding? Hiking? Theme Park? Relaxing at the Jimjilbang? Or having a go at some Ice fishing?. If you haven’t done any winter activities, how about some ice skating for a good start?Follow me on my journey to the Ice rink. Before that, remember only 2 things, if you want to skate: 1) 1000won  2) gloves. P.S You won’t be allowed to enter the rink without them.

How to get there:
Firstly, take a subway ride to City Hall station on Line 2.
Next, look for Exit 5, go out and you have arrived! Congrats you found the Ice Skating Rink! Easy right.


If you don’t have a friend, and don’t wanna go alone. You can check out Meetup , so you can always do activities with people who are likeminded.

Anyway, lets go to the ticket counter and pay 1000won, grab your ticket and get those Skates on!


Before that, you must know your shoes size! You can always change the size if it doesn’t match. Don’t worry here’s a photo that you can refer to.

There’s another locker room beside the skate rental box, you may need 500won to get a locker. Place your shoes and belongings in the locker and keep your locker key with you at all times. Off to the Ice Rink now.

Tighten up your shoelaces and get ready for a bumpy ride! ~ It’s gonna be crowded.

In the ice rink,
You will find the pros who do a lot of stunts and basically blazing past everyone else really fast. Or You’ll also find noobs, the beginners in other words, who are just trying to keep their balancce by grabbing on to something or someone usually in a desperate panic to not fall on their ass. And of course those people will fall sooner or later but try to not laugh at them, as they are trying their best and will become pros one day in a far off future.20141222_193931

Other than the Korean couples, family and friends you are bound to see in the rink. From what I seen, they are a lot of foreigners enjoying themselves too. Just my observation by the way.

Here’s the operating times of the skating rink. FYI They flatten the surface after each session for 30 mins.

Weekday ( Mon – Thurs )

1st session: 10~11 am

2nd session: 11:30~ 12:30pm

3rd session: 1:00~2:00pm

4th session: 2:30~3:30pm

5th session: 4:00~5:00pm

6th session: 5:30~6:30pm

7th session: 7:00~8:00pm

8th session: 8:30~9:30pm

Weekend ( Fri – Sat , Public Holiday )
Same as weekday and extend to a 9 session as follows:

9th session: 10:00~11:00pm

They have information counter just in case you need any help. There is merchandise shop if you forgot to bring gloves, you can buy a pair for only 500won.

Most importantly, just next to the locker room, you will find the “Snack Bar”. You might want something to eat after an hour of skating. They sell tteokbokki for 3000won, odeng for 2000won and other foods too.20141222_193903

Although it’s little expensive, It’s definitely worth the price. Especially the Odeng was super nice, remember to ask for extra soup.


*~Merry Christmas and Happy New year!~*




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