Hello, we are currently recruiting user testers for the wearable baby monitor allb.
allb clips to your baby’s waistband or diaper and monitors skin temperature, apnea, sleep and activity patterns, and sleeping position in realtime.
If your baby’s breathing stops for more than 30 seconds, allb emits an audible alarm from the device and sends an alarm to the smartphones of approved users in your network.
As long as there is a blue-tooth connected smart phone near allb, family members, babysitters or any connected users can check up on your baby. So even if you’re at work or on a foreign business trip, you can see how your baby is doing.
We are currently recruiting parents with premature babies and babies aged 0-24 months.
There is no qualification requirement and we will be recruiting primarily from America.
As an incentive, we will give 1 allb ($159) to each participant.
For the testers who are able to come to our company office, we will provide compensation for your inconvenience. (For those who opt for a home visit, the compensation may vary depending on the circumstances.)
We assure our testers that the data gained during the test will only be used for the purpose of the test and will not be shared with any other party.
Estimated Test Time: 3 hours
User Test Participation Compensation: One free allb ($159) / 11만 원 for those who come to our office / 10만 원 for those opting for a home visit.
If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us any time.

Tel. 01093069050

About allb

allb is a Korean hardware start-up founded by an IT expert husband with his pediatrician wife. We're currently operating out of a government sponsored office space. We succeeded in raising over $30,000 through our Kickstarter campaign and there are now families using allb all over the world.
We just put out a big app update and we're currently recruiting testers.
Through this user test, we're planning to improve allb's usability and functions.
If you have any interest, please contact us. We need a lot of testers!