If you are looking for a place in the countryside of Korea, and want to know Korea apart from a different perspective apart from the usual tourist point of view, please do get in touch with me.

You only need to put in 25 hours per week during your stay here. The tasks assigned will be different from time to time depending on the season and you will be able to learn different skills while you are here.

Please contact hr.cloudberry@gmail.com for applications. Or visit https://workexchangekorea.wordpress.com/ for more info.

IMPORTANT : My min requirement for your stay is 23 days as you cannot really have the total experiences if you stay less than this period. There will be no charges and if you are able to stay for 1 month, then a small token of appreciation (in small amount of cash or gift voucher) for your works will be given.

About Cloud Berry Farm

I have been hosting travelers since year 2016 and they assist me with my business at the farm which I grow strawberry, melon, tomato and sweet potato and some other seasonal vegetable. I also have a farm to table experiences business which school children will have their education field trip.

From year 2018, I have start accepting internship students from Korea and also students from overseas to do their internships at the farm.

I provide accommodation, meals and some Korea culture experiences and share with them my farming and business knowledge for those who are interested.