We are in coffee business in online market and hiring manger who in charger of online sales of coffee, roasting and coffee importing from more than 20 countries.
Korean and English or Spanish bilingual capability will be greatly necessary to work with Korean team members.

Anyone who’s interested in, please email your resume We’ll review them and get back to you shortly.

A. Responsibilities
– Online sales management
– Communicate coffee exporter and farmers mostly located in South America or African countries.
– Roast coffee and evaluate coffee green been

B. Requirements
– Bilingual Capability (English or Spanish and Korean).
– Friendly people skills.
– Strong communication skills.
– Knowledge about coffee and Roasting Not required!

C. Work Condition
– Working Hours: 8 hours per day (The number of hours can be extended at your convenience).
– Working Time Frame: 9am – 6pm is preferred but can be adjusted during interview.
– Compensation: 2 mil KRW per month. (negotiable) plus cost of meal and transportation.