■ Recruitment Division
– AI voice training data recording

■ Recruitment Requirements
– Nationality : Only American, Canadian
– Recruitment age : Born to 2003 ~ 1981
– Gender : Male / Female
– Prerequisites : Residence Card holder, D2, D8, E2, F6, F2 Visa (Sorry for the F4 vsia.)
– A person who can read sentences such as news articles accurately
– Voice Actor, Announcer, Actor

■ Recording Contents and Payment Information
– Recruitment Period : Until the staffing deadline
– Number of sentences to record : About 300 sentences
(Short sentences in everyday life, Text recording for news, dictionary, etc : different lengths for each sentence.)
– Recording Running Time : Less than 90 minutes per person
(Average time to record over 300 sentences)
* If you do not finish recording on time, you will have to revisit with an additional schedule.
– Recording Studio Location : B1 Jam Lounge, 16 Teheran-ro 51-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Seolleung Station Exit 5)
– Payment Cost : 60,000 KRW (Residence Card required for tax return.)
– Payment Date : Recorders from the 1st~15th of the current month are paid on the last day of the month,
Recorders on the 16th~30th of the current month will be paid on the 15th of the following month.
* Payment is made to a bank in Korea.

■ How to Apply
– Write down the name of the recorder, year of birth, gender, contact information in Korea,
nationality, region of origin, and desired recording time, and submit by email.
* Example of email reception: <Hong Gil-dong/ 1991 / M / 01012341234 / America / NewYork / 1:30 PM~3:00 PM>
– Selectable Time : 10:00 AM~11:30 AM, 1:30 PM~3:00 PM, 3:00 PM~4:30 PM, 4:30 PM~6:00 PM
(Submit your desired time out of 4 options, and if it is unavoidable, the time must be coordinated.)
– Reception : sound@creators.co.kr
* When the email is confirmed, we will contact you using the contact information you provided.

■ Checks and Cautions When Recording
※ There may be a waiting time of about 10 minutes depending on the speed of the preceding time.
※ If recording is not possible, please contact us at least one week in advance.
※ Be sure to visit wearing a mask. When recording, take off the mask before proceeding.
※ Excluding those with high fever or respiratory disease, excluding overseas travelers within 2 weeks
※ Excluding those who are subject to self-quarantine/active monitoring for COVID-19, and those who overlap with a confirmed case of COVID-19