Academic English Writing, Research and Publication Support Seminars to be Conducted in Korea
Crimson Interactive Korea requires an “Academic English Instructor/Presenter” who can conduct seminars and workshops in various universities, academic societies and hospitals across Korea.


We are looking for experienced professors, academicians, doctors or scientists to take up this role and formulate a long-term relationship with Crimson Interactive Korea. This is a long-term opportunity, with a chance to represent Crimson Interactive at various global conferences and seminars across the world.


If you have experience in Science/Medicine and are interested in contributing to the scholarly community (in Korea), then please send your profiles and experience to Pranjal Thapliyal (Sales Head, Korea) at pranjalt@enago.com.

The presenter can be a native Korean or a native English speaker.

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Ø   Target Audience:


Our target audiences are researchers (primarily professors and students pursuing Masters or Ph.D. degrees) who have to write papers in English for publication in international peer-reviewed journals and need assistance with writing /structuring/planning their manuscripts. These seminars will include approximately 60–100 researchers at a time.


The attendees will be from various faculties and disciplines, such as Medicine, Life Sciences, Engineering, and Biosciences, among others.


Ø   Venue for conducting the seminars:


Seminars will be conducted at venues provided by universities and academic societies across Korea.


Ø   Schedule and Duration:


Seminars will begin from November 2015 or a later date in consultation with the universities and presenter.


We plan to conduct up to 1–2 seminars every month at each participating university/academic society/hospital and research institutes. The number of days for teaching and presenting will be flexible. The seminar/workshop can last from 2 h to an entire day depending on the content.


Ø   Language for Seminar:


The instructor should teach in Korean or English.


Ø   Title:


The title of the position will be “Academic English Instructor”


Ø   Content of the Seminar:


The objective of the seminar is to teach attendees to write better English academic papers/manuscripts for submission to international journals. Some of the topics are mentioned below. However, they are not exhaustive.


1.      How to write a thesis in academic English?

2.      How to write an academic paper in English?

3.      English presentation in international academic conference (Plus similar topics)

4.      How to increase the chances of acceptance by journals

5.      What is academic publishing

6.      Research and publication ethics

7.      How to write effectively

8.      How to structure and present an academic paper

9.      Finding the right journal for publication

10.  Peer review process……. and many more


** These topics will be discussed with the presenter and finalized.

** Also, we will be discussing publication and publication research topics with our publisher





Ø   Logistics and Compensation:


1.      All expenses such as travel, accommodation, and food will be borne by our company.

2.      This role is available for both full-time and part-time employment seekers

3.      Certain time commitment is required from the presenter on a monthly basis

4.      Salaries and compensation will either be on a monthly basis or on a per seminar basis

5.      Salaries and earning potential are at par with industry standards




Ø   Job Requirements

1.      Detailed profile, background, and past experiences

2.      Table of contents/methodology/more information on the kind of courses conducted previously

3.      Fees charged

4.      You should an academician yourself, preferably in the disciplines of Medicine or Life Sciences

5.      Prior publication experience is beneficial

6.      You should have experience in publishing with big journals like Nature, Wiley, Springer, Elsevier, and RSC