We are looking for part-time participants for our study of extraction of heart signal from recording pupil using smartphone.

You will be required to spend less than 2 hours indoor and outdoor near our office (at Sang Myung University) to record your pupil using our smartphone (Gallaxy S8).

The recorded image of your pupil will only be used for our study purpose (The document for non-disclosure and confidentiality will be signed at the site).


The payment for participating in our study is 100,000 Korean Won.

Eligibility for participating in our study, you should be white people with eye color type of “Blue”, “Green”, “Amber” and “Grey”.

If you are interested in participating in our study, please contact me either by email or cell.

Contact Info. : Max Kim, Cell: 010-2105-0522, email: maxkim@sdcor.net