Job Description

SPARK Education is a holding corporation that owns and operates two types of academies: PEA-I and SPARK Academy.


PEA-I is an academy that focuses on “thinking”.  Teaching students to think why or how while they read is important for students to grow in their academics.  Critical thinking should be habitual, and through everyday learning, we have discussions and prepare activities for our students to understand the point of our lessons. We are looking for dedicated and highly qualified instructors who can teach and guide our young learners at our academy.


Native English speakers only
Must be able to provide documents to be cleared for teaching by the Department of Education in South Korea
Minimum 3 years of teaching experience in Korea
Currently residing in Korea

Working Days: 5 days a week (Monday to Friday)
Working Hours: 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Monthly Salary: Starting 3 million KRW with housing.   *negotiable for qualified experienced hires*   (There is one month training period before teaching actual classes which you will receive 50% of the monthly salary.)
Other benefits include: Flex paid time off, severance pay, pension, and national health insurance
All National holidays off.

◈ If you are interested in this job, please send us your cover letter, resume, and a
current profile picture to: jobs@peai.co.kr


Subject: “SparkEd 2021”


SPARK*ED Corporation is a corporate business created to create fundamentally sound education in South Korea.  Our goal is to "localize" Western teaching in Korea that takes account for the students and parents needs and desires in learning.

SPARK*ED Corporation operates and manages two different academies: PEA-I (Seocho) and SPARK Academy.

PEA-I is not an academy that teaches English, but accepts students who are already fluent in the English language that aims to empower our students by practicing academic skills repeatedly that would allow them to gain stronger confidence in their studies.  To do this, we encourage creative activities and projects to make our classroom more engaging and fun all the while they learn valuable academic skills.

On the other hand, ~

SPARK Academy is an innovative academy that is paving the way on HOW TO TEACH the English langauge to ESL students in an organic environment.  Students need to be SHOWN how to VERBALIZE and APPLY what they have learned while they participate in fun and creative activities, projects and events.  This, in-turn, will allow the students to build their CORE STUDY SKILLS and CONFIDENCE in their ability to use the English language which is an important aspect for their future success.