Are you time-poor and frustrated in your current role?

I am looking for entrepreneurial ‘big thinkers’ who are interested in a flexible and profitable home business opportunity.

I am an entrepreneur, mum of two and ex-‘corporate donkey’. I have worn a lot of hats in my life, but finally I can just be myself: running my own business from home, on my watch, in an industry that has changed my life: personal development.

I travelled the world working corporate roles for years, but I always had the feeling life was slipping through my fingers while I was stuck at work responding to emails.

After I had my first son, I just wasn’t prepared to continue spending my precious time making money for someone else’s vision.

Of course, I had a family to support and couldn’t just take my foot of the gas, but I dreamed of having my own venture where I didn’t have to rely on somebody else’s decisions or the current financial climate for job security. I wanted to make my own luck.

So I started looking for an opportunity that I could start doing part time that would offer complete flexibility, autonomy and financial security.

These days I work part-time around my family and, for the first time, truly understand what it means to be passionate about my career.

I am looking for others with a similar skill set to expand the business.

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Kind regards,

Lindy Parker