=Location: Gyeonggido, Hanam City, Misagangbyeongdaero 266(Misawon Plaza)

=Teaching levels: Elementary and Middle school students.

=Class size: 1:1 teaching

-You will be much more comfortable with this kind of class than with other kinds of classes with several students.

=Lesson plans and teaching materials will be provided.

=Teacher’s qualification required:

-Korean, Gyopo (F4 visa) and Filipino(F6)

-You should be able to speak Korean well.

-You do not need to have a three or four year bachelor degree. However, you should have an evidence proving that you studied in a college or university for minimum two(2) years.

-You do not need to speak English fluently. However, you should be able to teach the basic grammar.

=Paid vacation per year: 3 days in summer only

=Working time(Monday to Friday): 2:00PM to 8:00PM

=Teaching hours per week: Maximum 25 hours

=Pay per month: 1.7-1.8 million won(Negotiable)

=Other benefits like ones below will not be provided.

-House, Severance Pay, Health Insurance, Pension and ETC.

=Date of starting work: ASAP


@If you are interested in above position, please e-mail us your resume (microsoft office word format) and photo(JPG format).

=Email address: hivivacom@daum.net

=Website: www.eslviva.com

*VivaCom(licensed recruiting agency)