Hello this is ‘We-goinn’ hostel
We are looking for new staff members for exchange working.
The 1st floor has the Coffee shop and Izakaya which is like a Japanese restaurant.
The 9th floor has pub & live club, Guests can drink and hang out with the other people in party atmosphere
The other floors are for accommodations.
Our hostel is closely with Sincheon station which is about 3 minutes from our hostel.

1. You will need to get the working holiday Visa
2. Must be male and be able to stay at one of the bed in our hostel
3. Ability to speak English and basic Korean (If you can’t speak korean, it dosen’t matter. We are looking for someone who is willing to exchange cultures and share time together with our guests.)
4. 4~6 hours/day. Flexible schedule. (if you work more than 4 hours, we will give overtime pay)
5. We want sociable and active workers

*staff task(s)
Most of the time your duty will entail serving the guests at the Bar on the 9th floor.
However we may ask you for help with other, related to work in the hostel, duties., If we are so busy

If you are interested please send your resume to email : weegoin@gmail.com