Long Term Residency, F-2 Visa

The Long term residency visa, also known as the F-2 visa. Is a visa that gives you residency in South Korea, which means you gain access to long term residency after being in Korea for more than a year or more. The visas that are eligible for getting the f2 visa through the point system are, E-1 Professor, E-2 Foreign Language Instructor, E-3 Researcher, E-4 Technology Expert, E-5 Professional, E-6 Artist and Entertainer (Excluding those working in hotel and entertainment establishments), E-7 Specially designated activities, D-2 international student (limited to those who ears a masters or higher at a domestic university, and who are confirmed hire of a domestic company, D-5 Press, D-6 Religious practitioner, D-7 Intra-company transferee, D-8 Business Investor, D-9 Trade company Manager and D-10 Job seeker ( Same limitations as D-2 International student visa)


All of those listed above are eligible to gather points, the points are needed to obtain the F-2 long term residency visa. There’s a few ways to gather points, listed below are 6 different ways to get points towards the F-2 visa.

  • Age (Points vary on age group, older is not necessarily better)
  • Income (Higher income earns more points)
  • Academic Credentials (If you obtained your degree in Korea, it’s extra points)
  • Korean ability ( S-TOPIK test, level determines points)
  • Volunteer activites (Proof is required, points given on the lenght of time volunteering)
  • Extra points given for completing the Social Integration Program..

To get the F-2 visa, you will need to gather, at least 80 out of a todal 120 points.  While also having the right visa, and resided in Korea for one year or more before applying.

Though, you can obtain the visa in other ways than already having a visa, such as by being the spouse of a Korean. This is sub visa of F-2 and is called F-2-1, the requirements are much simpler than gaining points. As you only need a legal document, stating that your spouse is responsible for you.


there’s a number of advantages for professionals, who get the long term residency visa. such as:

  • The spouse and child/children acquiring the F-2 visa through the point system, also obtains residence status
  • Able to engage in a wider range of professions than with the E or D series visas.
  • Don’t have to bring in 100 Million KRW to start a business.
  • The maximum period of stay per visa issuance may be up to 3 years.
  • Able to obtain F-5 permanent residency visa, after remaining in Korea for 3 years.

Once you have obtained the F-2 visa, you are able to stay and work in Korea for 3 years. As you will have to reapply for the F-2, or apply for the permanent residency F-5 visa. With both of those visas you are able to enter a bigger field of employment, as well as gaining access to more opportunities in the country.



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