Who would have thought how scary Korean teenagers are?

According to the webpage of U.S. Passports & International Travel, it mentions that the Republic of Korea remains a very safe country. Also, it says that the crime rate is low. As a general consent in online community, South Korea is considered as one of the safest countries in the world. Not to mention the fact that gun ownership is illegal in South Korea. For pretty much all Koreans, it is rare that they have seen a gun. Some may think that having North Korea as a neighbor may affect South Korea. However, looking at the daily lives of South Koreans, it is safe. Unlike other parts of the world, going anywhere at night alone is quite safe. Who would have thought how dangerous and scary Korean teenagers are?


While South Korea is a safe country in general, young Korean teenagers can be quite dangerous. It may be surprising to hear such a thing especially because Korean teenagers are known to be extremely studious. It is because a normal life as a student would be studying more than sixteen hours a day to take the exam to enter the best university in Korea. Even though that is the norm for Korean teenagers, it does not mean all Korean teenagers are like that.


One of the biggest issues in Korea is bullying in schools, which is called ‘Wangtta’. I remember hearing a story about a boy who decided jump off of an apartment building because he was suffering from bullying. The suicide rate of students in Korea is unbelievable. If you are part of a proper group among your peers, you are mostly likely to have a difficult time unless you transfer to a different school. It is especially hard to avoid because you would have to spend at least 12 hours with your classmates in the same class room. Then, why would bullying drive one to committing suicide? The continuous torture that they receive includes beating, stealing money, etc. The cruelty is unimaginable.

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That is not the only thing that is scary about Korean teenagers. There was an article that was recently published about these three teenagers who killed a 50 year old man. He was found lying on the floor in an alley nearby his house. The teenagers were smoking, and he made a comment saying it is probably better to smoke when they get older since it is not healthy. It is not so uncommon to see elder Koreans scolding teenagers in Korea. But, the angry teenagers ended up beating him to death. Even though this was an extreme and rare case, it gave me a different perspective about what is only portrayed in the media about Korean teenagers.

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    Apparently true, I remember going home late in Yeonsinae that I missed the last train, I had to walk from Bulgwa station to my house. There were a lot of drunk ajussis that were supposed to be the cause of my worries, but it was two young highschool girls wearing party clothes and smoking that scared me. They were laughing on my back and seem to have talking about me, since I understand Korean. It was the first time I walked fast my whole life.

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