The Honey Butter Chip Plight

Just a few weeks ago, a strange snack that has caused a frenzy sorta snack craze appeared on the market . And this frenzy inducing snack is none other than the “Honey Butter Chip” Phenomena.


B24DJVPCYAE98Ts-608x280 A twitter status saying how Honey Butter chips were sold in convenience stores. The snack was sold in secret like it’s black market. As selling of the snacks caused great panic buying among people.


I came back here to Korea on the first day of November and had already been faced with the ins and outs that I’ve missed in Korea during the vacation period. However, what made me truly fascinated is the sudden rise to fame of a new snack. If I can clearly remember, the second week of November, my Korean friend and sister went back home with a black plastic bag having three bags of this chips. Then, I finally knew about the “Honey Butter Chip” attack. She was totally overwhelmed on how a snack like this hit her taste buds. And as quoted, “It was totally a snack that I would buy again next time, something that is sweet but not too sweet”.


However, when I first saw it, I thought it was just an ordinary snack that would be the same as any other chip snacks in Korea. Though in the course of the following few weeks, It became the talk of the town. Korea, being a highly wired country, SNS flooded news about the snack. The brown packaging became everyone’s profile picture, landed on food sites and groups, gained reviews and of course caused a great gusto among the people.


People just can’t get over Honey Butter Chip “허니버터칩”. It was chaos, as boyfriends would flood marts to buy, not just one but a box of Honey Butter in favor of their girlfriend’s request. It became the new lucky snack for 수능 Test takers. And thus the phenomena became truly unstoppable.


The aftermath though was unpredictable. Makers of the snack suddenly controlled the production and selling of Honey Butter Chip. Marts suddenly took turns on how to distribute the few stocks they have left to the consumers. And most of the famous snacks lost its popularity as well. Given that in such a short period of time, the snack became such a favorite. People then became weary as they have already loved the snack. But in a few short days again the snack was near on impossible to find and enjoy.


3138077898_5S9EWHvk_18 Supermarkets then controlled the selling the snack by a piece only and even attaching it to other products to gain profit.

The surprising Cinderella-story of the snack was the company’s good advertising strategy. It actually never had an Ad to begin with. And much specially, was never campaigned. It was only sold unto few big marts and according to hearsays, was only sold in GS25, than the other convenience stores in Korea. True enough, the limited amount and the sudden appearance and disappearance of the snack caused quite a stir to the people.


People are actually still searching for it. Some Shops have been selling limited boxes that they have from when the snack was first sold and some are finding ways to imitate the snack. Well, it’s only a mixture of melted butter and honey spread on a potato chip can help satisfy the “honey butter chip” craving.


And one night, before my friend and I started our English conversation class, she took me outside at around 11pm to go to GS25. And, for what? It was that day, the manufacturer spread news that on that night at around 11pm, GS25 stores nationwide will bring out their last stocks of Honey Butter Chip. We actually went to all three GS25 on her place but were unable to buy one. One store watcher said a memo was posted but there was no given time to when it will happen. And that night, We probably weren’t alone in the search for the “Hone butter Chip”.


The whole sale panic buying status of Honey Butter Chips

The thing is, it’s quite interesting how a snack can whip up a frenzy through SNS. And at this moment it is still the talk of the town and on the tip of everyone’s tongue . Currently, it’s really hard to find “Honey Butter Chip” in any mart and if you are one of those luckly enough to buy one of these last remaining bags consider yourself lucky.



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