Top 3 Korean Must Have Make-up Items

It is worldly known that South Korea has a pretty good reputation for its cosmetic industry. Not to mention Koreans are infamous for cosmetic surgery. Looking good is especially important in Korea. That is, it is understandable that skin care for both men and women is a must. People take out their umbrellas and arm sleeves for UV protection rain or shine.

Regardless of its negative impacts based on the importance of beauty in Korea, it does have some positive aspects. First, I assume that Koreans is less likely to get skin cancer based on its culture. Second, the cosmetic industry ameliorated for its price and quality. In addition, it has become worldly-known to many people from all over the countries.

There are numeral make up brands in Korea: The Face Shop, Etude, Innisfri, Misha, Skinfood, Too Cool for School, Tony Moly, Nature Republic, Holika Holika, etc.  Each brand has its own theme and products. Among all these brands, there are a few affordable and good quality products

  1. Etude House – BB Cream (14,000 KRW)
  2. The Face Shop – Black Edge Liquid Eyeliner (8,900 KRW)
  3. Innisfri – Aqua Sungel (9,000 KRW)
  4. Etude House – Real Art Cleansing Oil Moisture (12,800 KRW)
  5. The Face Shop – Concealer Dual Veil (10,900 KRW)

BB cream

Etude House Precious Cream Bright Fit BB Cream is one of the most popular items internationally. It is long lasting and supposedly gives natural-dewy look that every Korean girl loves.


This liquid eyeliner works pretty well. It is especially good for going out because it give you a sharp line. It lasts long. It doesn’t smudge. Most importantly, it is easily removed with 38~40 lukewarm water. I have cried and still looked pretty good after. The brush is thin at the tip, which makes it easy to control when you are painting.


Aqua Sungel is great for summer. It is a must to put sunscreen on before you go outside during summer. At the same time, it is so frustrating to have to apply creamy and oily sunscreen. This aqua sungel is a life saver. It instantly soaks into your skin and doesn’t leave your skin oily. Rather, it cools your skin down. Make sure to get this 1+1 deal for summer!


This cleansing oil from Etude house works pretty well to fully remove waterproof make up and foundation. According to the description, it is formulated with coconut oil. It is definitely moisturizing and doesn’t leave your skin dry after.

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Concealer from the Face Shop has this double-ended feature. On one end, there is a creamy cover stick shaped like lipstick and in liquid form on the other end. Depending on how you want to use your concealer for, you can choose which side you want to use. While you are in Korea, take advantage of it!

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