Places to go in Incheon

Have you had enough of Seoul? Do you want to get away from the city? Due to the advantage of living in a small country like Korea, you can easily get to the country side within 2 hours of subway ride. Busan might be a good option for a weekend getaway. But, it would definitely cost more if you plan on taking the bullet train. Otherwise, it would end up taking about 6 hours to get there by car. If you still want to go somewhere close enough and you are on a budget, make sure to check out Incheon. Even though it is mainly known as a city where there are two main airports, there are a lot of hidden treasure spots than you think. Just as a side tip, if you take subway, it will cost you about 3,000 KRW for a round trip.

  1. Chinatown

Since 1883, many Chinese gathered and started their community. You can visit some of the historical places. But, make sure to get there hungry because you are definitely going to be seeing one restaurant after another.


  1. Wolmido

Wolmido is a small island that is about 1 km apart from the coast. One of the main touristic spots is an amusement park called ‘Play Hill’. Even though it is a small amusement park, Koreans love the Disco and Viking ride.


  1. Soraepogu

Soraepogu is known for selling fresh seafood. You can check out the fish  market and try some crab marinated in soy sauce (간장게장) and Korean style  sashimi. You can check out the Incheon Soraepogu Festival if you happen to go in October. During the festival, there are various events you can go to. You will definitely be able to experience various types of activities such as learning how to cook Korean style seafood, how to make kimchee, etc.


  1. Donghwa Mael – Fairytale-themed village

It is located in Songwol-dong near Incheon Chinatown. The regular residential area has been renovated  to a fairy tale village. Of course, it has become one of the famous touristic spots in Incheon. It is pretty easy to get to by taking subway or train. There are various areas where you can take photos with different animation characters. Don’t miss out your chance on taking  photos with Peter pan, Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, the Wizard of Oz, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, and many more!


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