The what's what of Hongdae

The What’s what of Hongdae

So Anyone who has been to Seoul, old or young has been to Hongdae at some stage of their trip and knows the what’s what of Hongdae. It’s a student area for sure but has something for everyone . Clubs, Pubs, Restaurants and even Cat Cafes. You wanna pet some cats while sipping on some coffee or tea? Hongdae really comes alive at night. Very weird to see even a half empty street in Hongdae. It’s a very happening place. There is of course the secrets hidden down the alleyways too. So try to keep an eye out for an unusually busy spot.

The what's what of Hongdae

The Style of Hondgae affects all walks of life

As with anyone that has been to Hongdae, Exit 9 of the Subway is quite infamous. Tons of people pour through that sole exit nearly every minute of the day and at night it can be brought to a standstill.

For the young crowd, a popular place to chill out and get a beer would be Hongdae Playground (홍대 놀이터), There is were most people start of there night before going to the bars or clubs.There are a lot of bars in Hongdae. Way too many bars. There’s Korean style bars, Western style bars, hooka bars, live music bars, wine bars and makkelloi bars. There’s literally tons of places people go to loosen up a bit. You can even buy the alcohol from the store and get tipsy in the park across the street. Remind anyone of their student days? You even get to see some pretty awesome street music quite often.

Since Hongdae is a student area, there is no shortage of clubs that are open nearly all week and till the early morning. From Cocoon to MB2 all the way to Mama Gorillas or Club Naked. You won’t be waiting for long before your dancing the night away to the lastest trendy music in Korea.

The What's what of Hongdae

The Purring of Coffee!!??

Also Hongdae has some cool cafes down those alleyways that if you blink you miss them but if you spot them. Since Hongik University is famous for art, there is some stylish and full of character coffee shops to be found around Hongdae. From Book/Study Cafes to as the before mentioned Cat Cafes.

Hongdae is a great spot for shopping. Of course, you get you major brands here too but you can get a glimpse of the current domestic trends. Again with Hongdae being a student are, the shops are open till late. And it’s quite cheap. You can find some great prices for Jewelry and bags.

As for the Food, Without doubt, There is something for anyone here. Your not left lacking for choice of what to eat when you are in Hongdae.

The what's what of Hongdae

A Quiet Day for exit 9 is a weird experience!