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Working As A Foreign Salesclerk In Korea

If you have a warm, friendly personality and you love helping others, you may be well suited to work as a salesclerk in South Korea. You can work as a foreign salesclerk or as a salesclerk within Duty Free Shops or Jeju Special Self-governing Province.

Job Responsibilities

job responsibilitiesAs a foreign salesclerk you engage in sales activities in order to sell or import products to/from foreign buyers. Typically, sales clerks tend to have several job duties. Depending on the company you work for, your job responsibilities may differ. General responsibilities include using a cash register, selling products, operating cash registers, cleaning the store, stocking goods and helping customers.

Required Job Skills

foreigners working as a salesclerk in KoreaThis job requires exceptional customer service skills. You need Knowledge of all the products sold in the store. Additionally, you should have the knowledge of operating a cash register and credit card processing.

In addition, you require great interpersonal and problem-solving skills. These skills are a must in order to quickly solve any issues that may arise. You should be skilled in multi-tasking and addressing customers’ queries.

A salesclerk is also expected to work under high pressure. You may be required to take inventory and lift heavy items from time to time. Therefore, physical endurance is a necessary part of the job.

Along with these abilities, a salesclerk needs computer skills and good organization skills. In addition, you need good communication skills. You also need average Korean language skills, since at times you will be working with Korean customers.


You need a university degree or diploma. Most jobs require candidates to have graduated from a domestic community college, including prospective graduates of Korean community colleges regardless of their work experience and major.

Many places require relevant work experience. In order to work in Jeju Speical Self-governing Province, you need a TOEIC score. The citizens of native English speaking countries do not have separate qualifications requirements. However, citizens of non-English speaking countries must have a TOEIC score of 800 or above or a TESOL license.

Applicable Job Types

You can work as a Foreign Salesclerk, Trade Salesclerk, Import/Export Salesclerk. You can also work as a Duty Free Shops Salesclerk, Salesclerks of Duty Free Shops for Foreign Tourists Only, Salesclerk of commercial facilities such as a restaurant or a store, in Jeju English Education City, interpreters and salesclerks at a restaurant in Jeju Speical Self-governing Province.

Where To Find These Job Openings

You can use various recruiting agencies that can help you find a suitable position. Many of these job postings are also available online. You can find the postings on job websites and apply online.

Required Documents And Visa

required documentsYou can apply for a Foreign Salesclerk [2742] visa or a Salesclerk within Duty Free Shops or Jeju Speical Self-governing Province (31215) visa under E-7 visa. Along with a valid passport, application form and visa fee, you will also need additional paperwork. I recommend calling your nearest Immigration office or Korean Embassy/Consulate for more information about the visa requirement.

Salary And Working Hours

Salesclerks work long hours and various shifts involving early mornings and/or late nights. You may also have to work on weekends at times.

The amount of money you earn depends on your qualifications, skills, experience and your employer. As a part-timer you can make between 7,000 KRW to 10,000 KRW an hour. Typically, Salesclerks can make between 800,000 KRW to 1.2 mil KRW or more a month.

If you are into sales and marketing, and you are a people person, this job might be just what you are looking for!

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